Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seven Ideas for Organizing Your Food Storage, with lotsa pics

1. Store similar items together.  

2. If foods are in many locations, keep a list of what is stored where. 

3. Label your shelves, bins and buckets. Label cases of food with the date purchased and expiration date. Store new cases behind or underneath the older cases. Or use a rotating shelving unit. 

4. Store most-used items in the most convenient spots. And vise versa. 

5. Use a clipboard on the storage room door to track what you add and take out. 

6. To make it easier to eat storage food, place small amounts in containers in the kitchen using containers like soda bottles, #10 cans, or canning jars. 

7. If you’re planning to finish your basement, tweak the floor plan on paper to make plenty of space for these five storage categories: 

  1. Three-month supply of everyday foods, Water  
  2. Long-term foods (buckets and/or #10 cans) 
  3. Non-food items like soap, detergent, feminine products, toilet paper
  4. Preparedness and camping gear
  5. Clothes for kids to grow into for the next couple years 

Organizing ideas for the storage spaces listed above, plus the kitchen. 

(1) Kitchen 

(2) Three-month supply of everyday foods, Water  

(3) Long-term foods (buckets and/or #10 cans) 

(4) Non-food items like soap, detergent, feminine products, toilet paper

(5) Preparedness and camping gear

(6) Clothes for kids to grow into for the next couple years

Some pics of rotating storage units for canned foods. 

My version of food storage bliss...

When stress happens it's good to know this is here. :) 

Twelve quart jars of Costco's Kirkland brand semi-sweet chocolate chips. Yum. 

You can use a FoodSaver with a jar attachment to can dry foods like chocolate, spices, and mixes. I blogged about it here. The internet has tutorials of how to do this. 

     Here are quick links for the topics from my presentation "Eight Tips for Organizing Your Food Storage":

  1. Overcoming excuses with the word of God.
  2. Create a simple meal plan to build and rotate your year supply. 
  3. Finding more storage space in your home. 
  4. Finding more money for food storage and preparedness gear. 
  5. A master inventory of what you have, what you need/want, and where it is stored. 
  6. Prioritizing where to start, and what to do next. 
  7. Seven Ideas to organize your food storage. 
  8. Why I believe spiritual preparedness matters most. 

Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite tip for organizing food storage. Or leave another tip! 


Carnan said...

Your chocolate chip preservation method - best tip ever!

Carol Crisp said...

We had taken our #10 cans out of the boxes to put on pantry shelves, and lately have been putting them back in boxes (had to buy a few hundred boxes from the cannery). We want to be ready to load up everything into the white trucks Julie R. talks about! We have spent weeks reorganizing all the stuff we have, and couldn't have made it ready to load up in a day or two!