Sunday, March 8, 2015

I'm speaking at three conferences soon. If you want to come to any of them please find me and say hello!

I have some upcoming speaking engagements. If you come, please say hello!

1) Whole Person Preparedness Conference.

THIS SATURDAY, March 14, 2015. 8-4:00 at Weber State University. There are many great speakers and topics! I'm excited to learn from the other presenters. As a speaker I can offer you discount codes!  Register here. 

Discount code for $9 off the event: prepareyourself (I think this also works for live streaming if you live out of the area.)
Discount code for $20 for all recordings ($650 value!):  friendsnfamily 

Here's what I'll be presenting: 

Becky Edwards with " Eight Tips for Organizing your Food Storage," Part One  
1) Overcoming excuses with the word of God. 2) Creating a simple meal plan to build and rotate your year's supply.  3) Finding more storage space in your home. 4) Finding more money for food storage. 

Eight Tips for Organizing your Food Storage, Part Two 5) Organizing an inventory of what you have, what you need, and where it's stored.  6) Prioritizing where to start. 7) How canning jars can boost your food storage from blah to beautiful. How to use a Food Saver or other methods to store bulk spices, chocolate chips, and even complete meals in a jar. 8) Why I believe spiritual preparation matters the most.

2) BYU Women's Conference. 

April 30-May 1, 2015. My co-speaker and I will be speaking 2-3:00 PM on Thursday, April 30. Conference building, room 2254. Register here. 

Here's the assigned topic that I'll be presenting:

"Oh Be Wise; What Can I Say More―" (Jacob 6:12) : Using Social Media

Elder David A. Bednar taught, "It is no coincidence that these powerful communication innovations . . . are occurring in [this] dispensation . . . The time has come . . . to use these inspired tools appropriately and more effectively." How can we help our families use social media for good― In what ways can we protect our children and ourselves from potentially harmful content and conversations― How can we be wise and safe so that our use of social media does not consume our time and distract us from the things that matter most―
Becky Edwards — Early morning seminary teacher; former ward Relief Society and Young Women president; professional organizer; board member of LDS homeschooling moms organization; blogger; mother
Michelle Torsak — Wife; youth Sunday School teacher; manager, digital content and communications for the Church; former vice president of programing for KSL Television

3) Utah Home Educator Association Conference 

May 29-30, Fri 12-5:00, Sat 9-5. Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo.  Register here. 

I'll find out my topics soon. 

4) Moms' Retreat Sharing Goodness Weekly Thoughts. 

This one isn't about a conference. Rather, my role on the board of Moms' Retreat is to send out a weekly quote along with questions that invite inspiration. If you'd like to join us, "like" our Facebook page, or sign up for a weekly email here. The weekly quotes are sent ou from January through May, and they center around this year's theme below. Last month our quotes focused on prayer. This month they're focused on scripture study. 

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