Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parents: Watch this before giving a child or teen a smart phone (or now if they already own one)

Dear Parent, 

If your child or teen has any internet device, please watch the video below to protect your child! 



Officer Gomez Internet Safety Class  

Wow. I have been studying the effects of media for years, and I learned things from Officer Gomez that I never knew before. 

Note: I would recommend watching this with your spouse, but not with your kids. It's information I'm glad I learned as a parent, but I don't want my kids exposed to the information through a video. As parents we will teach our children these protections in our own words and when they're ready for them.  

Click here for Generation Smartphone: A Guide for Parents of Tweens & Teens

This helpful article includes:
  • 4 Questions to Ask Yourself To Determine If Your Child Is Ready for a Mobile Phone7
  • Things to Do When You Get Your Tween or Teen a Mobile Device
  • The Smartphone Family Meeting & What to Discuss
  • How to Spot and Handle Bad Phone Behavior
  • 4 Ways to Build Responsibility & Your Relationship With Mobile Phones

Click here for a list of Kids' Rules for Online Safety. 

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the presentation by officer Gomez. As a person who worked in a high school setting, I have to say I strongly agree...with everything. Bullying, sexting, snapchats...all of it. And everyone thinks it's not THEIR kid. Please listen. Please be watchful. I have just seen way too many of these real life examples to shy away from these difficult conversations.