Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Online Video Games: Top 10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe

If your kids play games online, PLEASE read this! And please share it to help others too. 

I knew that violent video games can be a gateway to pornography addiction, but until I read this article and watched the video in it, I had no idea just how bad these games can be, including: 

  • Pop ups of pornography right in the games 
  • Giving points for having virtual sex, encouraging group sex and bestiality
  • Mixing violence with pornography
  • It's super easy for predators to groom and target young people through these games. 
This is scary stuff. The article gives parents a heads up of what to look for, as well as how to help protect children from these dangers. 

Click here for the article. 

Here is a video from the article that is worth watching. 

Click here for a world-renowned expert on the effects of violent video games. 


Marni Hall said...

P.S. Not that mine play violent video games online. ;)

Mark Henry said...

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