Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday to our Grace!

Happy sweet sixteenth birthday to our Grace! She is a ball of sunshine, makes us laugh, loves to sing and act and dance, and LOVES friends! We love you Grace! 

Here's our conversation about my plans for her birthday. Mom: "Grace, I have some Kohls cash and I thought we could go shopping on your birthday." Grace: "Well, I already have plans to shop with so and so, but if you want, you could come too..." By the time seminary was done on her birthday, she had four friends who wanted to do stuff with her that day.  I finally did a little shopping with her after all her friend stuff about 9 pm. Needless to say, she is a very social girl. She loves to serve, cheer, and bless people around her. 
Grace ready for her first day on the job as a part time nanny. She also had her first date today!  A big day for this barely sixteen year old! 

Grace is involved in lots of things this year!  Even though she is homeschooling, most of her school subjects involve groups.  
  • Biology 
  • World History 
  • Choir and Showcase Choir
  • Theater - she had big roles in Midsummer Night's Dream and Jane Eyre, and participated in student-lead roadshows
  • Speech and Debate 
  • Dance 
  • Tuesday Temple Trips 
  • Seminary (I'm the teacher)
  • Ethics 
  • Principles of Liberty 
  • Personal Leadership with online, live, interactive classes 
  • American Literature with online, live, interactive classes 
  • ACT prep course 
  • Drivers Ed 
  • She earned her Personal Progress medallion with our church
  • She loves volunteering for her friend Tammy's conferences and retreats
  • And her least favorite subject...math

Grace went to lunch with Rachel for her birthday.

And got her nails done with Priscilla. This is a picture from another day. 

Our seminary class sang Happy Birthday to Grace! 
On the way to perform. 

Grace LOVES to perform! She had a lead in Midsummer Night's Dream recently.

Tuesday after-seminary temple trips. 

Grace had fun helping friends ask and answer to prom. 

She loves helping our friend Tammy with big events. This was me speaking at a preparedness expo and Grace doing behind the scenes work. 

Fun friends after we watched their Shakespeare play. 

Grace played young Jane Eyre in a play that was adapted and directed by 18 year old Tova (second from the left). I think that's amazing! 

A dance recital.

Grace is an AMAZING cook. Her zuppa Toscano is dreamy. 

After a recent choir concert.

This is a Showcase choir concert where the teens got to choose their own songs, direct and practice on their own. I loved this cover of  Think of You. 
Click here to watch this song. 

Two pretty girls.

A new baby niece!

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