Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'll be speaking at a homeschool conference on May 29-30

The UHEA homeschool convention and curriculum fair is Fri-Sat, May 29-30 in Provo, Utah! 

Whether you homeschool, you're considering it, or want tools to help you be a better parent, you will find lots of great classes for adults and teens.

I'll be speaking on these topics: 

1)  Eight Systems for an Organized Home

Homeschool moms are busy! Do you sometimes feel buried in laundry, dishes, and clutter, finding it hard to make time for what matters most?  Creating some simple systems can help give you more time and make things run more smoothly. We'll cover setting up a system for laundry, housework and chores, meals and shopping, planning, stuff, papers, homeschool, routines and time. 

2) Helping Your Family be Media Wise 

Media is one of the devil's most powerful tools, but also one of God's. Parents, have you taught your family God's media standard? Does your family have a media plan? Do your kids know what to do if they run into "the big bad wolf" of media? Do you know what the "little bad wolves" are that easily grow into the "big bad wolf"? Here are quotes, research, and tools to help you protect your family against "little and big bad wolves" of dangerous media. And how to use media filled with light and goodness. Media is all around us and is a more powerful teacher than we may think. Home school families can have unique challenges with youth spending endless hours online for classes and homework. This class can help empower our families to make wise choices. 

Click here to register and here for a class schedule. 

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