Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outstanding talk by Wendy Watson Nelson about Covenants, Angels, Temples, Family History

"Covenant Women," Opening Address at BYU Women's Conference 2015. 

Being a speaker at this year's conference, I got to sit on the second row on the Marriott Center floor during Sister Nelson's inspired address. I can still remember the electric feeling there. I absolutely love hearing her speak!

  • You can now watch the full talk online here! 
  • Or read the full talk here!  
  • Here is a page of transcripts from past talks. 
  • Here is a summary in the Church News. Here is a summary in The Digital Universe, a BYU online newspaper. 
  • And below is a 4 minute summary video. 

Here is a four minute summary video. 

Here are my favorite highlights. These are not quotes - just from my handwritten notes. 

When the Lord knows we're serious about learning more, He will teach us more. 

When Sister Nelson heard Elder Holland say in 2010, "Ask for angels to help you," those six words changed her life and her prayers. Ask for angels to be dispatched to those you love. If you need help from heaven, then keep your covenants with more exactness, and then ask for angels to help you. 

Several things she learned since she started immersing herself in family history: 
  1. They are not dead. They are very much alive, and not all that excited about being called dead. 
  2. They are eager, actually desperate, to make covenants with God. 
  3. We are the only Church on the planet with power and authority to do this. 
  4. Family history is really fun. Brings more joy, meaning to your life. 
She invited us to repeat (in our minds, not aloud) the words of the various covenants we make. Learn and memorize them. Even during times when we can't get to the temple, the temple can go through us. 

Imagine the Savior to be the one blessing the bread and offering it, looking directly into our eyes, asking, "Are you willing?"  

She spoke of giving a group of frazzled young mothers a 21 day challenge to make a sacrifice to the Lord by increasing time in family history and temple work every day. Although it sounds counter intuitive and even cruel, it worked. These young mothers felt happier, relief, a weight taken off, decreased stress, more patience, more time for what matters most, one even stopped taking her anxiety medication. 

When covenant women keep their covenants, they have greater access to the power of God that flows into them. 


shaleen said...

I know this is an old post but I love it. I will start indexing today and promise to get to the temple more often. I believe that this is the right way to spend my time and that if I do this God will increase my capacity to keep up with life.

Thank you so much for this post!

Becky Edwards said...

Thank you for your comment, and for your faith that as you upgrade your covenant keeping with the Lord by serving in family history and temple work, you will receive extraordinary blessings. I would love to hear how it goes!