Saturday, May 2, 2015

Speaking at BYU Women's Conference - what an electric, Spirit-filled day!

I wanted to blog about this day to capture and remember how special it was. I will post my talk about "Oh Be Wise: Using Social Media" soon. (Note: We aren't allowed to label a talk from BYU Women's Conference, so I'll just label it by the same title.) 

This topic of media is a challenging one. My biggest challenge was keeping my talk to the allotted time. I think I could talk for five hours about being wise with media! It's something we all have to fight in our daily lives.

Sheesh, I felt nervous speaking at BYU! 

I used the occasion as an excuse to buy a new dress! Since I teach early morning seminary I'm always grateful for another dress or skirt.  

I nearly pinched myself in the speakers' morning prayer meeting being in the same smallish room as some of my heroes like Wendy Watson Nelson, Susan Tanner, Rosemary Wixom, Linda Burton, and others. The Spirit in there was so thick and delicious.

I wanted to remember the electric feeling in the room so on my way out I got a quick picture. 

My friend Shauna Warnick and I both spoke at the same hour in different buildings. She and I were walking partners from the same BYU married student ward. 

I also got to meet, twice, one of my favorite women on the planet - Sheri Dew! 

I was excited to sit on the second row of the floor of the Marriott Center during the opening keynote speaker, Wendy Watson Nelson. Her talk about covenants and angels was AMAZING. They'll rebroadcast that one. 

I loved hanging out with my beloved friend Lindsey Reese!  

Kicking off our shoes and standing in the cool grass... a moment of simple pleasures. 

My 13-year-old son sent me an adorable surprise note of encouragement taped to my lunch!  It melted my heart, and came at perfect timing, right before I spoke. 

Getting directions from the lady in the cute apron. I kinda want one of those cute aprons. 

It's almost time to start. Feeling the jitters. I have never felt this much pressure about speaking anywhere. 

My co-speaker Michelle Torsak is amazing. She was the creator of Studio Five, former vice president of programming at KSL televition, and is now the director of messaging for the LDS Church. When I first learned whom I would be speaking with, I felt intimidated by her credentials! But after I met her she was so nice I decided I won't be intimidated any more. She is a wonderful person. I hope I get to work with her again. Her talk really inspired me! 

I sure do love this man. I wrote a blog post a year ago after interviewing him about this topic of media, called An LDS bishop and lawyer answers: "How can parents protect their children from pornography?"

Part of the joy of the day was seeing so many people whom I love so much come and support me! 

This adorable 91-year-old lady was cracking me up. She told me after the class that she only bought a smart phone because her camera broke. Now she missed her old, simple phone. She must have asked Mike to show her the ropes, because each time I asked him to take a picture of me, he had to pause his conversation with her. One time I heard him cheerfully tell her, "I always have to put my first priority on my wife." I was proud of her for having the guts to try to figure out a complicated device at her age. Reminds me of Elder Perry! 

This was fun to see!  I've recommended my favorite parenting book to many people: Power Parenting in the LDS Home -- Avoiding the 25 Most Common Mistakes, by Randal Wright. (It used to be called The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them.) The BYU bookstore asked us speakers ahead of time which books they'll be mentioning so they could stock them ahead. It was fun to see a stack with my name sticker on them. 

The other book I recommended is Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids by Kristen Jenson. 

I FINALLY got to eat a mint brownie!  Going to BYU Women's Conference means eating a mint brownie or two. So when I was done speaking and finally had a chance to look for one, they were gone!  Sad day. Some friends ran into me right then and asked, "Did you get your mint brownie?" I showed them the food stand that was sold out of brownies, and they said I must go outside, that they know there are still brownies there. It was so cute how nurturing they were!  I waited until after dinner because I didn't want to become low blood sugar. When that moment came that I'd been anticipating all day, it was sooooo yummy. Okay, that's embarrassing to admit how much a mint brownie meant to me. But it's true. 

This was icing on the cake. That evening Lindsey and I stopped by my daughter Malia's home to visit her adorable little family. She is graduating tomorrow!

The next day I spent most of the day celebrating my oldest daughter's graduation from Utah Valley University!  

She graduated summa cum laude in sign language. Four years ago she graduated from high school. One year later she married her wonderful husband Austin. A year after that she had an adorable little girl Zia. And two years later had another baby girl Brielle and graduated with all that going on!  Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it. 

Lunch outside in the shade with a cool breeze. Eating Costa Vida lunch and Swig sugar cookies, celebrating with people we love. A delicious day. 

And a few souvenirs. 


Karen said...

Great talk! It gave me food for thought and ideas about how to be more careful. I wish I could have watched you live! I always enjoy hearing you teach!

Karen said...

Great talk! It gave me food for thought and ideas about how to be more careful. I wish I could have watched you live! I always enjoy hearing you teach!