Monday, June 1, 2015

A great weekend! Last day of seminary, spoke at a conference, a friend's baptism, hiking, and started Book of Mormon challenge!

My last day of teaching seminary for the year. Sniff. 

I absolutely love every one of my students. I also love digging deep into the scriptures. This year it was Doctrine and Covenants and Church History. This summer I'm excited to do a 90 day Book of Mormon challenge! And next year I'll teach Old Testament. 

This amazing man of mine came EVERY SINGLE MORNING to help me set up my classroom and computer and then stayed through devotional. I loved standing with him in the back of class during devotional. Then he went on his morning run. I LOVE this man. 

Last-day-of-school breakfast! 

We had three of our students graduate from seminary this year! 

A little going away gift. 

I spoke four times at the 1 1/2 day UHEA homeschool conference. Twice about eight systems of an organized home, and twice about being wise and safe with electronic media. 

I got to stay overnight at my brother's new home between conference days!  They moved here recently from Arizona, and I'm thrilled about that! 

Then our friend Kelly got baptized. She asked Mike to baptize her and confirm her. A beautiful event. 

And today we started the day on a gorgeous hike with great friends! 
Me and my kiddos. 

These two women are amazing and tough! I have now been hiking with both of them on or past their due dates. My friend on the right is overdue and we were hoping for a baby after the hike. The boy on the right carried his little brother on his shoulders almost all the way up and down the trail, even on very steep parts. I was very touched by that. 

My son at the top of a cliff.

Today is also the first day of a 90 day Book of Mormon challenge!  Join if you'd like! 

The next day I helped our friend Kelly getting her driver's license!  

I'm so proud of Kelly! Within the past few days she got baptized, confirmed, and got her driver's license! We celebrated by walking around the Brigham City temple grounds, and eating Mexican food! 

Wow, both of us were stunned to see these platters brought out instead of plates. Needless to say we had leftovers. 

And finally took my friends to lunch from finishing our first Book of Mormon challenge from 1 1/2 years ago. 

In December 2013 I shared a 30-day Book of Mormon challenge with youth in our homeschool group. All these girls and my son finished the book, and some of them finished it in only 30 days, which amazed me! Two of these girls live out of the area, and since one is moving states soon, we wanted to get the girls together and make good on my deal. Cafe Rio...YUM! I was still full from my lunch with Kelly, but I LOVE Cafe Rio's stevia strawberry lemonade so I drank that. Mmmm. Happiness in a cup. 

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