Monday, July 20, 2015

A great FHE movie for the week of Pioneer Day! Ephriam's Rescue is full of life lessons to help us with our challenges.

Click above to watch Ephriam's Rescue movie trailer. 

I love the movie Ephriam's Rescue. 

And I loved the discussion our family had after the movie of life lessons we learned that can help us through our challenges. I cracked myself up that I kept saying aloud principles I noticed during the movie. I've been striving to find principles every day in my feasting through the Book of Mormon in a couple months this summer, so I guess my practice is paying off! 

T. C. Christensen also directed another pioneer favorite, 17 Miracles. Click above to watch the trailer.

What are your favorite life lessons from the Martin or Willey handcart companies, or the pioneers in general?

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Michelle Dudley said...

I stumbled on your block the other day. I love your energy and forward motion in the Gospel. Thanks for reminding me!