Saturday, July 11, 2015

Book of Mormon Life Lessons at Bear Lake (day 41 of 90 day challenge)

My family just had a wonderful reunion at Bear Lake, Utah. 

I felt grateful that the Lord helped me keep up on my summer Book of Mormon reading. The vacation was made even sweeter by having some of my favorite Book of Mormon friends along to teach me life lessons. 

Alma the younger taught me to bloom where I'm planted in the Lord's vineyard, rather than coveting what someone else is doing. (Alma 29:1-3, 9) How am I doing at fulfilling my callings and my promptings to make a difference in my own circles of influence? 

Korihor (not a fave) taught me what to look for in an anti-Christ today, how people can be deceived, and what becomes of them. (Alma 30) Am I being vigilant to follow the prophets, not whims of the world? 

Alma reminded me that all things denote there is a God, and no matter how many people around me say there isn't, there still is. (Alma 30:44) Do I stop to look around me at the miracles of God's creations like a leaf or a baby and thank God for his miracles? 

The word of God has a powerful effect to change minds and hearts, even more than the sword. (Alma 31:5) Am I taking full advantage of the word of God in my life through scriptures, conference talks, and following promptings of the Holy Ghost? 

It is super important that we immerse ourselves in the scriptures every day so if someone tries to teach us false doctrine we'll recognize it. Here's the false doctrine the rich Zoramites taught the poor Zoramites: Christ won't come, and you can only worship on the Rameumptom.(Alma 31) 

We should pray in all kinds of places and times, over every part of our lives. (Alma 34:17-28) Do I pray morning, midday and evening? Do I pray in my home, in my closet, my secret places, in my wilderness? Do I pray over my family, our family's income, protection from Satan, for my welfare and the welfare of those I love? And then do I get to work and help others? 

The best time to repent is N.O.W. (Alma 34:31-33) Do I stop and repent immediately once I notice I've done something wrong or do I procrastinate? 

I should never judge that someone won't be interested in the gospel. I mean, if Alma the Younger, the sons of Mosiah, Zeezrom, and the murderous Anti-Nephi-Lehi's accepted the gospel and became zealous disciples of Christ, ANYONE can, right? 

Alma reminded his sons over and over about what I call the American covenant: If you keep the commandments, God will prosper you in the land. If you don't you'll be cut off from God's presence. (Alma 36:1, 30; 37:13, 22, 25-26, 28, 31; 38:1) As a country, how are we doing at keeping our covenants to God?  Although I can't control how we're doing as a country (although I try to do a small part with blogging and teaching) I can control myself. How am I doing at keeping the American covenant myself?  

 Here is my Book of Mormon on my lap in the back yard of our Bear Lake cabin. A lovely place to study.

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