Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Bear Lake Balderree Family Reunion!

I just LOVE my family! We had a blast together at a Bear Lake cabin this week. Our parents had five of their children there with their families. Delicious in every way. (We missed Ted and Kristin's families though!)

Cousin hot tub time!  My mom loves her grand kids. Can you tell by the smile on her face? 

My sister Amy and her husband can get super competitive. 

Four love sacs and a projector screen make for great movie time! 

Mother and son ping pong game.

Animal balloon fun! 

My two daughters and, husband, and son-in-law doting on our two grand daughters.

One of my favorite people on the planet. Ever. Isn't she just plain adorable? 

My sister Amy (closest) makes an amazing curry. 

Cousin dinner!  

This was also the "man cave" when some of the guys needed to do homework or whatever else on their laptops. 

My dad is a family history nut!  So imagine my delight when I discovered he had never heard of Relative Finder. I had so much fun showing him cool people we are related to, like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, President Hinckley, and others. 

I had no idea until I saw this picture that someone put the balloon crown on my dad. 

Multi-layer shoulder rub! 

One of my favorite parts of the reunion was watching the cousins love each other. This cute little niece lives in Texas, so it was fun to watch everyone dote on her. 

A big sister teaching baby sister to be soft to a little baby. Cousin love! 

Beautiful taco salad spread. Isn't that an awesome kitchen island? Thou shalt not covet, Becky. 

My new favorite way of eating oatmeal, with fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. Yum. 

My third Great Grandpa William Budge was an amazing man. He was stake president of the Bear Lake stake when their beautiful Paris, Idaho tabernacle was built. Here is a post about why he is my hero. 

Tour outside the tabernacle. 

Tour inside the tabernacle. 

My son has been begging to get chickens. He found this colorful rooster on the grounds of the tabernacle and couldn't help himself.  He is a bird and pet lover, proud owner of several parakeets, a frog, and a bunch of guppies. That's all his mom can handle. 

Across the street from the tabernacle is a Paris historical museum, where they have pictures of our Grandpa William Budge. 
Here he is in the middle front with all his sons. The son that's our ancestor is O.H. Budge, second from right on the top. 

The whole upper floor of our cabin was a loft with games and beds to sleep at least fourteen kids! 

My grand daughter and I had a special little time at the park "swing a slide!" 

Zia's very first time at a beach. She spent days chanting, "Beach Tursday!" Once she got there she pretty much loved it. 

We rented kayaks and paddle boards. 

Grandpa Mike tucking in grand baby Brielle into his shirt when the notorious Bear Lake afternoon wind picked up. 

One thing I love about Bear Lake is how far out the water is pretty shallow which makes it feel safer to let the kids play. 
Zia freaked a little when we first started our kayak ride, so I sang "Row, row, row your boat" to calm her down. She kept singing it with me for a long time as we paddled around. 

Silly boy! 

Three of my girls and me (notice the littlest girl on the sofa behind). 

Minute to Win It Game Night! 

Cup stacking. Keep putting the top cup on the bottom until the orange cup is on top again. 

How long can you keep two balloons in the air? 

Use a spoon in your mouth to scoop ping pong balls into the other bowl. 

Dad, you're cheating... no hands! 

Who can stack 25 pennies first with one hand? 

Make a pyramid of cups and then re-stack the cups. 

Being entertained by the games. 

Mike VS. Mike. My husband and my brother. How fast can you eat a stack of crackers? Can you say "Dry mouth." 

Leg wrestling. These two 16-year-old cousins are both really strong. They took turns throwing each other over. 

Who can stand on one leg the longest? The two ballerinas in front were amazing at this game! 
Kid  push up contest.  We also did a wall sit contest, but I won that one so I didn't take any pics of that. 

Cousins doting over the babies. 

My first time meeting my new miracle nephew. We have fasted and prayed for this little boy and his mommy and we're so glad they're both alive and well. We were tickled that their family could come to the reunion at the last minute!  

Cousin time making boon-doggles! 

Father and son air hockey game. I was sad it was time to go, cause I wanted a turn too! 

My daughter trying on an adorable owl hat at a farmer's market. 

My son and grand baby totally adore each other. 

Cousin souvenir shopping! One of these girls lives in Utah and one in Texas but they sure love each other. 

You simply cannot visit Bear Lake without eating a Bear Lake raspberry shake!  Sorry Mom and Dad that I didn't warn you before taking this pic! 

My two boys happy for a great reunion but sad to leave Bear Lake. I'm sad too. It wasn't long enough...


Megan said...

Family reunions are the best! My dad graduated from the old Fielding HS, and he loved to tell people he went to high school in Paris. :) We are descended from Charles C Rich through one of the Sarahs... also Crossley & Bunderson lines. My dad is buried in the St. Charles cemetery overlooking the lake. I love Bear Lake!

MP Flory said...

Is this a family cabin or one you rent? I've been looking for one with lots of room for kids. email me about it please... or

Anonymous said...

Could you email me the info on this cabin. We rented one in June but it didn't quite fit everyone. my email is THANKS Families are the best.