Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scripture Feasting Tool #10 - Multi-task and Multi-media

Multi-tasking strengthening your abs and your soul at the same time. What could be better? This was me this morning at the gym.  

How many ways can you think of to multi-task or use multi-media to fit in studying scriptures on busy days?  I thought of nine.

1. Listen while driving. 

2. Listen while cleaning, cooking, or doing laundry. 

3. Read while you eat breakfast. You could also read during other meals, but from my experience scriptures give you more power when you study them early in the day. 

4. Listen while you get ready in the morning. 

5. Watch a general conference talk for family home evening and then discuss it. 

6. Listen to make a large project more pleasant. I've listened to my favorite speakers (like Elder Holland, Sheri Dew, and Wendy Watson Nelson) while organizing the garage or basement, or while painting. Take my word for it - it's much more enjoyable that way. 

7. We often have family devotional while driving in the van. We keep a Book of Mormon under the seat or use a phone to read for this purpose.  

8. Read or listen while nursing your baby. Reading aloud is great for babies, and it helps them become comfortable with the language of the scriptures. 

9. Listen or read while exercising. My husband likes to listen to Book of Mormon on his morning run, and then general conference talks in the car. 

Here is what I've been doing this summer on my workout days. I take my Book of Mormon to the gym. For the first half hour I use the book rack on the elliptical machine. Then I hold the Book of Mormon while I use leg machines and do abdominal workouts. Sorry arms, you aren't getting workouts this summer because I can't do that while studying my Book of Mormon. :) 

Here's my getup on the elliptical machine. I keep the pages from blowing by a string of rubber bands. My little red pencil bag holds my favorite scripture marking pen and colored pencils. I don't like the music or TV at the gym so I use Pandora piano music on my ear buds and that helps me zone into my scriptures without being distracted.

With the Gospel Library app and Mormon Channel app on a phone or tablet, it's easier than ever to listen on the go. And to much more than scriptures!  Try the audio versions of general conference talks, BYU devotionals, church magazines, and so much more! Some of my favorite audio programs on Mormon Channel include Conversations and Enduring it Well.

Good, Better, Best 

Some people learn best through listening. That's not me. But it's better than skipping a day of scripture study. Here's the hierarchy of scripture study for me. 

  • Good: Listen.   
  • Better: Read.
  • Best: Feast. Read and interact with what I'm reading, by marking, writing notes, journaling or blogging about it, pausing to ask questions and ponder and look up answers, and so on. That's what this blog series is all about. I get the most from the scriptures when I feast. How about you? 

Feel free to share a comment with your favorite ways to multi-task or use multi-media for scripture study! 

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