Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scripture Feasting Tool #11 - Footnotes

Some footnotes are too important to miss!

Look at the difference this makes. In Luke 4 the King James Bible says the devil took Jesus places at the end of Christ's forty day fast. Nope, that doesn't sit well with me. The devil doesn't take Jesus ANYWHERE. It just doesn't work like that. To the rescue are the Joseph Smith Translation footnotes for Luke 4:5 and 4:9. The Spirit brought Jesus to a high mountain or on a pinnacle of the temple and the devil came to tempt him. 

That's a big difference. 

Notice the footnote for Luke 4:9 is emphasized by a line to the verse above to make sure I don't mistakenly read a completely false meaning. You can see "GR" and "IE" footnotes also circled. 

Here are the footnotes I always like to mark in my Bible, because they are the most likely to share important meaning about what a word means. 

  • Joseph Smith Translation (JST) 
  • Hebrew Translation (HEB) 
  • Greek Translation (GR) 
  • For example (IE) 

I mark them by drawing a small circle around the corresponding superscripts with a fine tip pen. Since I don't want to miss the JST, I add a line from the superscript in the verse to the footnote below. 

And of course footnotes can be used to help understand meaning, lead you to other similar verses, and help answer your questions. What is your favorite thing about using footnotes? 

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