Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scripture Feasting Tool #7 - Write for Revelation

Writing is the scripture feasting tool that helps me receive personal revelation perhaps more than any other. 

There are a variety of ways you can use this tool. 

1. You could write down a question you have for the Lord and ask Him to show you an answer in your scripture study. 

Then follow promptings of where to study and what to ponder and write about. You may start in the New Testament, move to the Book of Mormon, and end up in a general conference talk before writing down impressions you are finding and feelings.  

2. Another way to use the writing tool is to summarize a story or principle in your own words. 

3. Each day before you study, pray and ask Lord to help you find something to write about. 

Then once a verse jumps out at you, just start writing, even if you don't know what you'll say yet. It's amazing how ideas and applications start coming. Record insights, impressions, thoughts, feelings, how it applies to you, experiences you've had that relate, a quote or talk or story it reminds you of, how it relates to a decision you're making, questions it brings to mind, your testimony of the principle and how you know its true, or a life lesson.  The scripture may cause you to ask application questions of yourself and answer them in writing, perhaps jotting down a commitment to yourself and to God of a small way you will improve. You could also write a testimony statement of "I know.." 

A journal isn't the only place to write your impressions of what you study. You could write them in your scripture margins, share them on social media or on a blog. Discussing your insights brings similar blessings as writing does. You tend to get more from writing or talking than from just reading. 

4. You could draw, diagram, or chart things like Lehi's tree of life dream or the olive tree allegory in Jacob 5. 

Or compare the difference between things like the three groups in that dream.

Here is Blair Rorani's doodle notes of the Book of Mormon title page. Can you see how taking a few minutes to draw this out would help your brain organize and retain it better? 

5. Deep scripture feasting method. 

A member of our 1,000+ 90-day Book of Mormon challenge taught me this method she is using. This will take her a long time to finish the Book of Mormon, but that is fine! She is digging deep, and drinking deeply from the living waters in this book. She reads from beginning to end, and deeply studies three verses a day. If I remember right, in her scripture journal, she writes the verse word for word, rewrites it in her own words, and then takes a few minutes to write any impressions about that verse and how it applies to her life, before moving onto the next verse.

6. Pray with pen in hand, record what you're praying about, and write answers in your journal.

Sometimes I write a letter to Heavenly Father, thanking, asking, pouring out my heart, or counseling with Him over decisions in writing. This is a powerful way of using writing to connect with God, feel closer to Him, and receive answers to your prayers. If you haven't tried it before, try this written version of praying. 

I invite you to choose one of these ideas today and practice writing.

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Aushra said...

I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing!