Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There is Power in Being on the Temple Grounds

Just look at this adorable little family. 

I walked upon this scene this morning on my way out of the Ogden, Utah temple. Just look at those sweet children, the well-worn Book of Mormon picture reader, and the Church magazines. The scene touched my heart so much that I couldn't help myself. I had to stop and meet this dedicated mother. Her name is Erica Tovey. Erica shared that was heeding her stake president's counsel, who invited parents to take their kids on a monthly visit to the temple grounds to help the kids create this holy habit when they're young. I wish I would have thought of that when my kids were little. Do you think this family is going to be blessed for this small and simple holy habit? You better believe it. 

I told this dedicated mother that Elder Ballard said there is power in being on the temple grounds. 

"If you do not qualify for a temple recommend right now, visit the temple grounds. Let me make a very important point in case you have never heard it before: Nothing prevents you or anyone else from visiting the temple grounds. The Lord wants you to prepare yourself to be worthy of a temple recommend and come to the temple as soon as you can. Walking the grounds will plant in your heart a desire to get a recommend and attend the temple regularly.
"Satan, on the other hand, does not want you to go to the temple or even to stand in the shadow of a temple. He wants you to avoid even getting close to the temple because the temple is the house of the Lord.
"I assure each of you that as you go to the temple or visit the temple grounds, you will walk on sacred, holy ground just as the early patriarchs and matriarchs did so long ago. They were focused on their eternal journey and the most important things of life. Like them, you can also focus on feeling power and the presence of heaven.
"If you choose, you can hear the still, small voice of the Spirit in the temple or on its sacred grounds in ways you never will at the mall, in restaurants, and in public places. In fact, you will find that the temple is a wonderful place to receive answers to your prayers" (Be Still, and Know That I Am God, CES Fireside, May 4, 2014, emphasis added). 

Doesn't that make you want to load the kiddos in the van and head for the temple? 

Here I am with my temple buddy Lindsey this morning. Even though our Ogden temple was dedicated nearly a year ago, I am still enamored and take a picture almost every time I go! Since I started serving in the temple every week, I can feel the power of the temple in my life more. And I need that power. Do you?  Here is an amazing talk about that. 
Here is a list of promised blessings of the temple. 

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Jay and Kim Davis said...

I am so glad that you shared this inspiring mother's story. I am going to start that habit with my family now!