Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Preparedness Handout I Shared at a Recent Presentation

Click here for the five-page handout. 

Recently I gave a preparedness presentation in my sister's ward. Here is the handout. 

1. Preparedness checklist. 

This list is based on President Monson's quote "Every family ... have a supply of food, clothing, and, where possible, other necessities of life" (“Are We Prepared?” Ensign, September 2014).  What would those necessities include? I included an affordable place to start for each area, as well as ideas for what to do next after getting started. 

2. A simple inventory chart.  

Based on the Church's "All is Safely Gathered In" pamphlet. This is an easy place to mark what foods you already have and what to buy next. 

3. Preparedness quotes from LDS Church leaders. 

These quotes remind us that God is in charge, He knows what tribulations are coming, and He is telling us the best ways to prepare. 

4. Tips to find more money, tips to organize, and tips to find more space for food storage. 

This helps those who feel they can't get prepared because of lack of money, space, or organizing ideas. 

5. 72-hour emergency kit checklist.

Click here for the five-page handout above.

Click here for Becky's sacrament meeting talk about preparedness. 

Click here for other preparedness ideas. 


LDS Mom said...

Can I share these lists with my own ward? They are so great!

Becky Edwards said...

LDS Mom,
Yes, please share away!