Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scripture Feasting Tool #14 - Margins

You can make your scripture margins into your own gold plates. Here are seven ways I like to use my margins to bring my scriptures to life. 

1. I like to write in my top margin a phrase that summarizes the story or sermon. 

2. Use other margins to write a principle, a favorite scripture, or an insight in own your words. Of course recording promptings is the most important thing to write. 

3. Mark "PF" next to prophesies fulfilled. Noting ones that have already come true builds your faith the rest of Lord’s prophesies will be fulfilled too. 

4. Cross reference, scripture chain. 

5. List chronology of events, of cause-and-effect actions, or a family line. 

On top of the left page I have a list of the pattern of actions Jesus gave the Nephites to do between His first and second day of teaching them after His resurrection. It's a great pattern for us to prepare to be taught the gospel as well. 

6. Comparing and contrasting. 

Here is a comparison betwween Laman and Lemuel (verse 12) and Nephi (verse 16).  

7. Larger margin copy. 

I'm seriously considering getting a "high priest size" set of scriptures for my upcoming year in seminary with larger margins for my notes. I'll be honest, the decision is a bit agonizing. I have had the same set for 16 years, which has layers of markings, notes, colors, and insights. I love seeing some of my ward friends mentioned in my margins for a great insight they shared in Sunday School, say, back in June of 2006. These are treasures to me!  I would feel so sad if I ever lost them. 

On the other hand, this summer I finally took the advice to get an inexpensive copy of the Book of Mormon and make my own fresh markings, which was also an amazing experience in itself!  Hmmm, decisions, decisions. 

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