Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scripture Feasting Tool #15 - Prayer

Prayer brings scripture study to life because it invites in the Spirit to teach, testify, and change your heart. You can pray before, during, and after scripture study. 

  • Pray that the Spirit will help you understand, apply, and know that what you're reading read is true. 
  • It's great when you bring a question to your scripture study. You may want to write your question at the top of a journal page, and then pray to ask that your question will be answered in your scripture study that day or sometime soon. 
    • It can be a gospel topic question that you want to understand better.
    • A personal or family challenge you need answers for.
    • A decision you need to make and need guidance on the best route to take. 
  • Pray to remember what you learn, to open hidden treasures of knowledge, to find answers, and to thank Him. 
  • Ponder – Let the Spirit teach you.
  • Ask questions as you study – Take Wendy Watson Nelson's 30-day challenge of bringing a question to the Lord and then reading the scriptures looking for the answer. 
  • Other good questions are "Why would God inspire Mormon or Alma or Paul to include this?  How can this apply to my life? What should I do or feel?" 
  • Experiment upon the word – Gain your own testimony by using the Book of Mormon promise regularly (see Moroni 10:3-5).
Here's what President Eyring said about receiving over and over a witness of the Spirit that the Book of Mormon is true. We can ask also for the same witness of other scriptures or words of Church leaders. 

"I hope that you all have proved that [Moroni's Book of Mormon] promise for yourself or that you will do it soon. The answer may not come in a single and powerful spiritual experience. For me it came quietly at first. But it comes ever more forcefully each time I have read and prayed over the Book of Mormon. I do not depend on what has happened in the past. To keep my living testimony of the Book of Mormon secure, I receive the promise of Moroni often. I don’t take that blessing of a testimony for granted as a perpetual entitlement. Testimony requires the nurturing by the prayer of faith, the hungering for the word of God in the scriptures, and the obedience to the truth we have received. There is danger in neglecting prayer. There is danger to our testimony in only casual study and reading of the scriptures" (Esign, May 2011, emphasis added).

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