Saturday, September 12, 2015

20 Amazing Things to Read about the Divine Importance of Motherhood

My teen daughter and I joined a book club together about the divine importance of motherhood.

We get to read and discuss delicious, inspiring, classic literature about wonderful mothers, and study what God has to say about motherhood. We're also learning together and setting goals about homemaking skills. 

My friend created the mother-daughter group based on a quote from President Benson that emphasizes how important it is for young women to prepare for their divine roll of motherhood and making a house into a home, a work which the world dishonors today. (See the quote below.) Our daughters need inspired and inspiring messages to combat the false message about motherhood that they will repeatedly hear from the world. 

Maybe you'll feel inspired to follow my friend's example and start a book club of your own to help our rising generation of young women prepare for a beautiful experience of motherhood. 

Some motherhood articles we may read for the class. 
(Update: I've added more so the list is now 20+)

Elder Ezra Taft Benson - In His Steps

President Benson - To the Mothers in Zion 

Julie B. Beck - Mothers Who Know

Elder Neal A. Maxwell - The Women of God 

Elder Quentin L. Cook -  LDS Women Are Incredible!

President Gordon B. Hinckley - Ten Gifts from the Lord

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Because She Is a Mother

Julie B. Beck - A “Mother Heart”

Elder M. Russell Ballard - Daughters of God 

The Family: A Proclamation to the World 

President N. Eldon Tanner - No Greater Honor: the Woman's Role

President Russell M. Nelson - A Plea to My Sisters

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Behold Thy Mother

Delicious Books about Exemplary Mothers. Thanks to the free Librivox app, I can listen to some of these books while driving.

Mother by Kathleen Norris

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott

Marmee and Louisa by Eve LaPlante

Emma by Jane Austen

Laddie by Gene Stratton-Porter

Papa's Wife by Thyra Ferre Bjorn 

Here is Ezra T. Benson's quote class upon which the class is based: 
Young women, you are not required to lower your standards to get a husband. Keep yourselves attractive, maintain high standards, place yourselves in a position to meet worthy men, and be engaged in constructive work. Then, if you are married later than sooner—if you even have to wait until the next life to get a choice man—God will make up the difference to you. Time is numbered only to man. God has your eternal perspective in mind.
And now, so far as your work is concerned: It is divinely ordained what a woman should do, but a man must seek out his work. The divine work of women involves companionship, homemaking, and motherhood.It is well if skills in these three areas can first be learned in the parents’ home and then be supplemented at school if the need or desire presents itself. The first priority for a woman is to prepare herself for her divine and eternal mission, whether she is married soon or late. It is folly to neglect that preparation for education in unrelated fields just to prepare temporarily to earn money. Women, when you are married it is the husband’s role to provide, not yours. Do not sacrifice your preparation for an eternally ordained mission for the temporary expediency of money-making skills that you may or may not use. I do not think it needs to be an “either/or” choice; but if it does, then choose the divine mission preparation. Some women are well prepared for their mission and want to acquire additional skills in other areas; and that is fine, if they so desire. It is simply a case of putting first things first. To paraphrase the Lord, when He was speaking of those who obeyed the lesser law and neglected the weightier matters: these ye might do, but do not leave the other undone (see Matthew 23:23). Some women acquire money-making skills in areas closely related to their divine missions, and the advantages of that approach are plain (Ezra Taft Benson, In His Steps, emphasis added).
A couple videos about God's view of womanhood and motherhood.

Feel free to leave a comment about a favorite talk, book, or other inspiring work about God's divine role of mothers. 


1derwoman1dermom said...

What a wonderful list! Some of my favorite talks of all time are here and my mind is reeling with ways to use it, both in my own family and in our ward family too. This is one way we can focus on the Proclamation on the Family, expounding the doctrine and applying it in reality. I feel like people skim the surface and think "Sure, that perfect famliy is a nice idea..." We have to teach application of principles. Studying/discussing these addresses is brilliant. Thank you!

Becky Edwards said...

1derwoman, Thank you for your kind comment! I love your idea of tying it into the Family Proclamation. I'm going to add that to the post. Thank you!

Rhonda said...

What a good idea! -because our thoughts help shape our attitude and who we are.
I'd like to recommend another for your list:
N. Eldon Tanner's talk, "No Greater Honor: the Woman's Role".

Becky Edwards said...

Rhonda, Thank you for the recommendation! I'll add that one.