Friday, September 18, 2015

My new best friend for studying the scriptures

I cannot say enough good about these books!  They help bring the scriptures to life like never before. 

David Ridges' Old Testament Made Easier series has helped me get more out of the Old Testament than I EVER have before. I have loved using Ridges' books here and there for studying the D&C or Book of Mormon, but I admit that teaching Old Testament in seminary had me feeling pretty insecure, and I am using these virtually daily with my scripture study. They have been a life saver for me!  

I love our wonderful seminary curriculum, but with the lessons being so basic with the Old Testament there are still many unanswered questions for me. These books are helping me immensely to understand these kinds of things: 

  • cultural happenings
  • word definitions
  • symbolism
  • types of Christ
  • wonderful quotes from Church leaders, which I sometimes write in my scripture margins
  • patterns and themes I didn't see before, which is one of the ways Elder Bednar admonishes us to study scriptures
  • helps me see doctrines, principles, and applications of those
Ridges has written curriculum for the Church and understands the importance of making sure he uses rock solid resources, and of siting them correctly. These books are priceless to me in helping me understand and love the Old Testament like never before.  If I teach seminary again next year, I plan on buying the New Testament series. 

Of course I already have several best friends for studying the scriptures: 

  • Praying before studying to invite the Holy Spirit to help me understand, find and apply principles, and feel the truth of what I'm studying. No commentary can take the place of the scriptures themselves and the Spirit, which is the ultimate teacher and testifier. 
  • My little zipper bag with my colored pencils and Zebra pens. 
  • My new large set of scriptures. 
  • The many scripture feasting tools I have been blogging about the past few months. 
  • And now I add to my best friend list my beloved commentary books by David Ridges

P.S. Be aware that there is a first and second edition of this series, which start and end in different chapters of the Bible. In other words, if you get first edition for book one and second edition for book two, you'll get Moses and Abraham chapters not necessarily in his first edition, but you'll skip 24 chapters of Exodus. I hope that makes sense. :) 

I stay an hour after teaching seminary to wait for my daughter's math class. I found this happy, comfy chair where I like to study my scriptures. Here I have my new scriptures, my Ridges book, my old scriptures, and my pencil holder. 


Eric J Smith said...

I am a big fan of David Ridges. He helped Isaiah come to life for me.

Becky Edwards said...

This will be my first time reading Isaiah with the help of David Ridges. I'm excited!!