Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Teens Are Meant for More." Wow, please watch and share this inspiring video with every teen you know.

These high caliber teens put to rest the myths that teenagers are intrinsically irresponsible, apathetic, lazy, and selfish. 

Teens can overcome society's low expectations and become the people God sent them to earth to become. This video inspires teens to be more, to take responsibility for their own character, their future, and for making the world a better place. I feel the Spirit bear witness of the truth they are sharing. Please watch and share with others. 

Two of my former seminary students are in this video and I couldn't be more proud of them. Click on the video below to watch the five minute video. This would be great for watching and discussing in FHE. 

And please check out their inspiring blog to help teens raise the bar for themselves and make a difference in the world! 

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