Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This must be important if President Eyring published the same talk four times!

"When words of a prophet seem repetitive, that should rivet our attention." (President Eyring) 

Then I think this should rivet our attention. President Eyring has published the same talk FOUR TIMES, including an adapted one in the newest Ensign. (Click on the links below to access each talk. It would be interesting to compare the similarities and differences.)

Have you ever seen that happen before? And a talk that talks about riveting, repetitive, prophetic counsel? 

  1. May 1997 Ensign - Finding Safety in Counsel (general conference)
  2. Nov. 2001 Liahona - Finding Safety in Counsel (Adapted from April 1997 general conference)
  3. June 2008 Ensign - Safety in Counsel (First Presidency message) 
  4. Oct 2015 Ensign - The Way to Safety (the last page of the current Ensign) 

I decided to thoroughly study the original talk because this repetitive message must be important! 

UPDATE.  Part of how I thoroughly study something is to write about my take-aways. Click here to see my eight takeaways from President Eyring's original 1997 talk.  

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Rhonda said...

The closest I've seen to this is when a particular talk by Marion G. Romney was published THREE times in the Ensign.
"The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance". Very important principles there.