Sunday, November 15, 2015

Printable handout of Similarities between Joseph and Jesus

This year in seminary our class theme is "S.O.S. -- See Our Savior in the Old Testament." 

If you've never studied the scriptures before by looking for the Savior in the people, stories, and symbols, I invite you to try it. You'll never see the scriptures the same!  Here and here are resources that are helping me see the Savior in places I didn't before. It makes me love these scripture people even more, especially the Savior. I took many other lists of parallels and added almost all of them into one list. 

Click here for the printable handout below. 

Click here to see another blog post about similarities between Joseph and Jesus. 


Sarah Edward said...

I read your post and I want to say that it is very good and informative. I like it and I appreciate you for your effort.

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Becky Edwards said...

Thank you Sarah, I appreciate your kind comments.