Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Come and see." I want to be more like Philip and Nathaniel.

Today I was touched reading the short story in John 1:43-51. Philip and Nathaniel are beautiful examples of guileless faith, what to do with doubts, and bringing others to Christ. 

Jesus found Philip and invited him to "follow me." Phillip immediately obeyed. 

Then Philip does what we should do once we find Christ in our lives. He went and invited someone else to come. He said something like, 

"Nathaniel, we found him, the one the law of Moses and all the prophets have been writing about since the beginning of the world!  And his name is Jesus of Nazaeth. He's Joseph's son."

Nathaniel uses his best judgment, and thinks, I trust my friend Philip, but wait a second, aren't there prophesies about the Messiah coming from Bethlehem?  That seems to conflict with what you're telling me. Hm...

Philip in essence says, "I don't know how to answer your question, but I KNOW he is the Messiah. Come and see for yourself. Come get your own testimony of him." 

So Nathaniel comes to see for himself. 

And when Jesus sees him coming, Jesus comments that Nathaniel is a guileless person. Nathaniel wonders, "How do you know me?" They have a tiny conversation about this, and by the end of it, Nathaniel receives his own testimony that Jesus is indeed the Son of God, the king of Israel. 

Then because of Nathaniel's pure faith and openness to him, Jesus tells him that Nathaniel will see greater things than these, like heaven opening and angels and such. 

What does this have to do with you and me? Like Philip, many of us have found the Savior of the world or been found by him. Do we take the immediate next step that Philip did, and go find someone we care about to tell them who we've found, how excited we are, and to invite them to come and see for themselves? 

I want to be more like Philip. 

And then when we have a question about the gospel that doesn't make sense at first like Nathaniel did, what do we do with that question? Do we let it stunt our growth in the gospel, refusing to move forward because not all our questions are answered and not every detail makes perfect sense yet?  Or do we say, "Let me go see, while I move forward in faith with what I do know?  

I want to be like Nathaniel too. 

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