Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Three power-packed teens inspiring teenage excellence in an event THIS FRIDAY in SLC

I feel super inspired watching young people do amazing things. These three teens are helping crowds full of teens do amazing things! 

I have seen some of the powerful, positive impact these three teens are having in the world to help teens tap into their potential, dream bigger, find their higher purpose, gain crucial life skills, and move past emotional roadblocks. 

I highly recommend teens and their parents attend! I plan on being there with my teens. 

For more information: 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Three Ideas to Get More from General Conference

Last year I posted three ideas that have made a big difference for me and my family members to make General Conference a more powerful experience. 

Plus a few ways to make it powerful afterward. 

Click here to read the post. 

Click here for ideas children's ideas from the LDS Church.

Here is a video of President Monson's life to get you excited for General Conference.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

International Groups are Trying to Sexualize Children - Please Help Stop Them

If you take just ten minutes to watch the clip of the documentary below, you'll see how serious this threat is to children and families. Please take a moment to sign the petition. 

Note: The video isn't appropriate for children to see but they've blurred images so adults don't have to see what they're trying to show young children with this movement. 

The UN is Trying to Sexualize Children – Please Help Us Stop Them!
Dear Friend of the Family,

I am writing to you with an urgent plea. I am at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where two important UN documents are being considered (“Agreed Conclusions” and a resolution on HIV/AIDS) at the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Both documents are filled with proposals calling for controversial sexual rights and for radical sexuality education for even very young children.
Intense negotiations on these documents are underway right now.

To help counteract these threats to families and to children everywhere, we are premiering our powerful new documentary here at the UN this week to expose the radical agenda to sexualize children.

We are also launching an online letter campaign calling upon UN Member States to stop this dangerous agenda here and now.

We only have this week to get as many signatures as possible on our letter to UN Member States in order to stop this agenda that will harm children worldwide.

You can easily sign the letter here

Releasing our new documentary, “The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda,”  that exposes the dangers of CSE is perhaps the most important action Family Watch has ever undertaken. The documentary is shocking and extensively documented, and it needs to be broadcast everywhere! 

We already know the documentary is effective as it was instrumental in stopping legislation that would have imposed this radical and graphic indoctrination in schools in the U.S. state of Utah.

We will be using it in other states and countries in the near future as well.

We warn you in advance, the documentary is not appropriate for children. In fact, the materials and curriculum it exposes are disturbing even to most adults, yet this material is intended for even the youngest of children. For your protection, we have blurred out all explicit images.

You can view the documentary online, either a 10-minute version or the full version.   

As revealed in this new documentary, as far back as 1999, the UN agency UNICEF published a manual that even promoted bestiality and sex with non-consenting persons as situations where teens could derive sexual pleasure. 

If this was taught to children in 1999, can you imagine what they want to teach your children in 2016? This and more is revealed in this new documentary.

Understand that the UN agencies and liberal Western countries pushing this radical sexuality education are more aggressive and are using more deceptive tactics than ever before.

To advance CSE they claim it will delay sexual debut, stop HIV, prevent teen pregnancy, lift people out of poverty, prevent sexual abuse, promote gender equality, and more. This is far from the truth. Instead, CSE encourages children to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors, to experiment sexually, to question their sexual orientation and their gender identity.

We simply cannot let CSE be adopted in any UN, national, state or local policy! Ever.

Therefore, we urge you to help by taking the following steps right now:

1. Please watch either the 10-minute version or the 35-minute version of the documentary right now so you can see just how bad this really is. Even though watching the CSE material that is exposed can be disturbing, it is essential for everyone to understand what is being taught to our kids and what we are up against so we can stop it.

2. Go to our website,, and sign the letter calling upon the UN to stop promoting or funding CSE. We will be sending a copy of this letter with signatures from around the world to the UN Member States that are negotiating two important documents right now.  

3. Forward this alert on and encourage as many people as you can to watch the documentary and sign the letters as well. Consider sending it to your local media contacts, church and community leaders, or heads of organizations that would help disseminate this and especially to school administrators in your area.  

The response from those who have already seen this documentary has been unprecedented. People immediately want to know what they can do to help. (In fact, an unfinished version of the documentary was inadvertently made public and received more than 15,000 views within just a few hours before we caught it.)

So why are UN agencies and Western governments pushing so hard to mandate CSE? 

The answer is simple. They know if they can indoctrinate our children through CSE with their radical sexual, gender and abortion rights ideologies, they will own the future.

Every minister of education, every parent and grandparent, every teacher, every school administrator, and every policymaker need to see this documentary so they can help protect children and our societies from this harmful agenda. 

Please help us spread this information as far and wide as possible by forwarding this alert on to others.

Together we can and will protect the world’s children!

In addition, please encourage people to sign the letter to the UN. These signatures will make a tremendous difference in putting an end to the harm being perpetuated against children.  

We will let you know what happens when we show this shocking documentary on Wednesday, March 23, at the UN here in New York!

Sharon Slater
P.S. Go to for documentation on the harmful CSE agenda.

P.P.S. Please consider making a generous donation right now by clicking the donatebuttons below to help us translate this documentary in other languages. We already have requests from several countries to make this documentary available in their language!

Please forward this on to others!
Defend the Family: DONATE TODAY!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

For a spiritual experience with the Savior today, watch this silent interview on Christ.

If you want a sacred spiritual experience and to strengthen your connection to Jesus Christ today, watch this special silent interview on Christ, and answer each question in your heart as you watch it. 

Wow. I need another Kleenex.

If you aren't able to watch it above, then click here to watch it. 

A crumb for a feast? A penny for a fortune? Sacrificing now for God's blessings later are worth the wait.

Would you give up a crumb for a feast? 

Today in seminary we read these words: 
"This is the Lord; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation" (Isaiah 25:9). 
We talked about how many of the Lord's blessings don't come immediately. We have to wait. And how they require us to sacrifice in the short term. And wait for the blessing. 

So we came up with this list to remind us how much it is worth the wait for God's immeasurable blessings.

  • A crumb for a feast 
  • A penny for a fortune 
  • A drop for an ocean 
  • A sleeping bag for a mansion 
  • A piece of sand for a beach
  • A pebble for a mountain 

Satan wants us only to care about the crumb of instant gratification today, and forget about the feast the Lord has for us later. 

Bishop Gerald Causse said: 
"The law of sacrifice requires the willingness to give up the things of the world -- even the most precious things if necessary -- for the sake of the gospel. We do it with unwavering faith and confidence that these things will be returned to us a hundred fold in the eternities" (Church News, July 9, 2014). 

Here is a marshmallow video we watched to help us remember that God's blessings are worth the wait. 

My son would love it if you subscribe to his kid-friendly how-to You Tube channel!

My almost-14-year-old son has his own You Tube channel with how-to videos and reviews. 

Soon he'll post a how-to video about building his current project of building his own chicken coop! 

Click here for a how-to video for kids to create their own FPG-9 plane out of a foam plate, and it does tricks! 

Feel free to subscribe to his channel, so you can see other kid-friendly material and projects as he posts them. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Would you like a weekly spiritual preparedness boost? Sign up here.

I'm starting a weekly post on our Moms' Retreat site, of which I serve on the board. Here is the first meme I made for this week's post about spiritual preparedness. 

Moms' Retreat 2016 Theme is:

If Ye Are Prepared  Ye Shall Not Fear.
D&C 38:30

  • If you'd like to receive a weekly quote about this year's theme for the next three months, feel free to "like" the Facebook page here
  • Or you can receive a weekly quote by email here. 

March's theme is faith.
April's them is Holy Ghost.
May's theme is obedience. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Does home clutter equal brain clutter for you? Here's a magical 6-minute tidy!

Have you noticed that clutter in your home can feel like clutter in your brain? I have. 

Yesterday I stayed home from a field trip so I could catch up on some homework for a training program I'm taking, but when I walked into clutter, I knew it would be hard to focus on my work. So I set the timer and zoomed through my kitchen and family room. In six minutes I did two things that tidied these two rooms, which also tidied my mind.


1. First I quickly put all the dishes in the sink and food away. 

2. Then I quickly made a pile of everything else in the middle of the family room floor. 

So the family room is tidy except for one pile. Why a pile and why there? It feels to my brain like the room is picked up! And the kids know that when they get home they better put their own stuff away or it's going in the earn-back box. Of course if there is more clutter it would take more than six minutes, but the point is I zoomed to get it done fast, so I could move onto better things. 


Didya see that nice, clean living room with only one pile of stuff in the middle? It's amazing how that frees my brain to move on and do better stuff. Below is the earn-back box that I put kids' stuff into if they don't put it away from the pile. To earn an item back they have to do a chore they don't normally do. Ah, I see cleaned blinds and baseboards in my future...

3. After the six minutes I took a few more minutes to wipe the kitchen table and counters and sweep the floor, which made me feel even better. 

The next time your home feels cluttery and your brain does too, try this fast tidy! 

If your toddlers are dumping things out faster than you're cleaning them up, I feel your pain. I also miss that stage. *Sigh* Just do the best you can and try to remind yourself that your deeper purpose is raising God's precious children, not perfectly clean houses. I've reminded myself of that plenty of times. 

If you only have littles at home and the put-your-own-stuff-away-or-Mom-takes-it-away method won't work, try tossing everything in a laundry bin that you commit to put away before you go to bed. But for now, give yourself permission to move onto the more important things, like reading to your children, journaling, communing with God through prayer or scriptures, rocking that baby, writing that blog post, or whatever God calls you to do for the moment. 

Click here for more about housework systems of a professional organizer. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Your plan vs reality. Can you relate?

After teaching about Job today in seminary, the purpose of trials has been on my brain. 

Then I came across this great visual that shows how different life is than any of us expected. 

But wow, look at the growth that little biking person is about to experience, the times he will be desperate to call on God's help, and the supreme feeling of triumph at the end! 

My husband Mike just pointed out that what's cool is that it's God who helps you through every downhill, uphill, obstacle, and making every mile marker. Cool.