Saturday, March 5, 2016

Does home clutter equal brain clutter for you? Here's a magical 6-minute tidy!

Have you noticed that clutter in your home can feel like clutter in your brain? I have. 

Yesterday I stayed home from a field trip so I could catch up on some homework for a training program I'm taking, but when I walked into clutter, I knew it would be hard to focus on my work. So I set the timer and zoomed through my kitchen and family room. In six minutes I did two things that tidied these two rooms, which also tidied my mind.


1. First I quickly put all the dishes in the sink and food away. 

2. Then I quickly made a pile of everything else in the middle of the family room floor. 

So the family room is tidy except for one pile. Why a pile and why there? It feels to my brain like the room is picked up! And the kids know that when they get home they better put their own stuff away or it's going in the earn-back box. Of course if there is more clutter it would take more than six minutes, but the point is I zoomed to get it done fast, so I could move onto better things. 


Didya see that nice, clean living room with only one pile of stuff in the middle? It's amazing how that frees my brain to move on and do better stuff. Below is the earn-back box that I put kids' stuff into if they don't put it away from the pile. To earn an item back they have to do a chore they don't normally do. Ah, I see cleaned blinds and baseboards in my future...

3. After the six minutes I took a few more minutes to wipe the kitchen table and counters and sweep the floor, which made me feel even better. 

The next time your home feels cluttery and your brain does too, try this fast tidy! 

If your toddlers are dumping things out faster than you're cleaning them up, I feel your pain. I also miss that stage. *Sigh* Just do the best you can and try to remind yourself that your deeper purpose is raising God's precious children, not perfectly clean houses. I've reminded myself of that plenty of times. 

If you only have littles at home and the put-your-own-stuff-away-or-Mom-takes-it-away method won't work, try tossing everything in a laundry bin that you commit to put away before you go to bed. But for now, give yourself permission to move onto the more important things, like reading to your children, journaling, communing with God through prayer or scriptures, rocking that baby, writing that blog post, or whatever God calls you to do for the moment. 

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