Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Week or Two in the Life of the Edwards Family

Every so often I like to gather pics of our family life into a post. 

Grace and I got new glasses. I confess that I'm grieving having to get bifocals. The progressive kind makes things blurry. I'm the picky kind who can't stand a tiny smudge on the lens. I may go back to my old glasses... 

 Grace tried on prom dresses. That's a pretty one!  

 And Grace finally washed her car with the fun prom asking messages. 

The cute Sister Missionaries needed a ride. When one of them realized it was her mom's birthday, I said we need to make a sign and text the picture to her mom! Of course her mom loved it. What missionary mom wouldn't??

Hyrum and Gabe's 14th birthday party. I posted more pics of that over here. 

General Conference. Yay! One of my favorite weeks of the year! It's more tricky to concentrate with our two cute granddaughters around, but we LOVE it when they're around! 

Our barely one-year old granddaughter taught herself to climb up our stairs all at once! 

During the priesthood session Malia and I made some easy fresh fruit fondue by dipping them in our favorite Costco dark chocolate chips, melted of course. It's messy but really yummy! 

A beautiful spring day for a walk between conference sessions! 

My kids were poking around in Grandpa Balderree's shed and found an old trophie I won when I was six years old for a piece of art. 

Monday night we had our "family chore night." The kids did their assigned weekly chores and I put away some piles from the basement stairs and hallway. Ahhhh, my brain loves order so much! 

Before - Top of basement stairs
After - Top of basement stairs 

Before - Hallway next to basement food storage room
After - Hallway next to basement food storage room

After pic of tidying the pantry
After pic of tidying the pantry bulletin board

These are my trainers for a Go Vertical group mentoring program we started this week - Kirk and Kim Duncan, who are two of my heroes. I have learned some great knowledge, skills and principles from them the past few months at their various trainings with 3 Key Elements. The kickoff dinner for Go Vertical happened at La Caille, a beautiful restaurant in Salt Lake City. The people at 3 Key Elements events have a great energy of always moving forward in life and up to the next level. Fun! 

Here are my new friends who all sat at the same table with me at La Caille. 

Thursday morning at seminary we had a student conference where students shared some of their gold nuggets from General Conference and ate a delicious breakfast of French toast, sausage, and fruit. This is Grace leading the opening song. 

Here is one of my favorite places ever. The Ogden, Utah temple. It's like home to me. 

And just check out the spring flowers at the temple in early April! 

After the temple I volunteered at Hyrum's school. 

This week I hired a personal mentor to help me jump start my business of mentoring, emotional release/energy work, teaching online classes, and giving presentations. I have loved the clients I've already been working with! It is such a blast helping empower and free people to become and do what God put them on earth to become and do! I was already in town from teaching seminary, attending the temple, and volunteering at school, so I found a pretty, peaceful park and held my first personal mentor appointment in the gorgeous sunshine! 

Friday Grace and Gabe had a beautiful choir concert. Grace loves to ballroom dance and they did a lot of fun lifts! Gabe even did some dancing! Grace is the girl on the boy's shoulders on the right side, with her hands in the air.

Grandma and Grandpa Balderree came to support the kids' choir concert. We love them! 

Saturday we ended our week watching the new version of Saturday's Warrior in the theater. It was great! 

Click on the arrow to watch the movie trailer. 

My new AM/PM schedule to start off my new week. I love creating a new one of these every Sunday morning. It's such a fresh start, hopeful feeling. I love what my power-up habits do for my day and my week! This is a tool I got from 3 Key Elements, but I've been creating my own of something similar for years. I think I like theirs better. The pink sticky note goes along with a 30-day Miracle Morning challenge I'm doing right now to overcome my night-owl-ness and power up my mornings better, and it's going well! 

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