Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Look at the Cool Pattern I Found in the Lord's Prayer

For the first time I noticed a cool pattern in the Lord's Prayer.  

  1. Address the prayer to Heavenly Father
  2. Praise 
  3. Thank* 
  4. I turn my will over to Thee 
  5. Ask 
  6. Please forgive me 
  7. I forgive others
  8. Protect us from temptation and evil 
  9. Praise 

This is a good opportunity for you and me to check in. Which parts of the Lord's prayer pattern are we already using? Which ones can we add today? 

*I'm sure the Lord wants us to include thanking in our prayers. I'm taking the liberty to assume this phrase "thy kingdom come" means "I thank Thee that thy kingdom is come." Any thoughts?

Click here for ideas on saying power prayers rather than check-off-the-list prayers. 

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I would think praising is thanking! Thanks for this!