Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Babies are 14... A Fun Birthday Week!

The older our twins get the more their preferences differ. They wanted different food, activities, and birthday parties. We extended their birthday for about a week so they could fit it in! 

Hyrum is a book lover so I spent an afternoon with him in the BYU bookstore. He was in heaven. 

Hyrum and I both eat gluten-free and dairy-free so this burger place was recommended that caters to our way of eating. It's called Mooyah. They have some stinkin' good, loaded burgers and salads! 

We stopped at my daughter Malia's house on the way home. I loved reading books to my two adorable granddaughters (on the left and center). 

Gabe LOVES anything flying. So we found a deal on a one-time flight lesson. The pilot even let Gabe control the plane some of the time in the air! Mike was in the plane with them. I love how Gabe has his camera on his head ready to record the fun! 

Before the flight, Gabe got to use a flight simulator.

I'm on the ground taking pics of the take off and landing.  

That night we ate dinner at Applebees.  

Gabe spent his birthday money on more flying objects -- his latest craze of drones or quad copters. He even created an Amazon and You Tube channel where he reviews these and other items. He's pretty excited that he's starting to get free items shipped to him so he can make review videos of them!  

Here is Gabe's other love... baby chicks! Last August he finally persuaded his non-pet-lovin' mom to let him get a batch of baby chicks, which he nurtured like a little daddy in a bin in his own bedroom until they were put out in a coop that he and his Grandpa Balderree fixed up together, with heat lamp and all that. Because a couple of them were roosters and had to be given away because of our zoning, he got a few more. He'll sell some of these and keep two, since our neighborhood is zoned for six chickens. Gabe's dream is to own a ranch where he can have as many animals as he desires! 

 The boys had a fun birthday party with lots of zesty boy energy! They played with quad copters, played Spaz Uno, had snacks and dessert, and went swimming at a nearby indoor pool. Fun! 

Man, I love my boys!! It's sad to see them growing up, but I love to see them growing up well! 

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