Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"People and Principles Activity" for our Last Day of Old Testament Seminary, and FHE Idea

This is my last week of teaching Old Testament seminary! I love, love, love my students! 

Tomorrow we'll close out the year with a people and principles activity and then a testimony meeting. 

Here's the activity we're doing. You can adapt it for a class or family home evening with teens. This would be a great FHE as the year of seminary comes to a close. 

Here are the steps to this activity. It would be a great FHE with any people from the scriptures any time of year.

  1. Each person chooses an Old Testament person from slips of paper. 
  2. Give about 5-10 minutes to: 
    1. Review the story in the Old Testament 
    2. Choose a favorite verse in the story 
    3. Choose a principle (a life lesson you can use) from the story
  3. Then take turns sharing the person, favorite verse, and principle with the group. 

Here's the list we're using. For a smaller group, you could still use this many and let people choose more than one person, or reduce your list to the size of your class or family. 

1. Adam and Eve

2. Noah

3. Abraham 

4. Jacob 

5. Joseph of Egypt 

6. Moses 

7. Israelites

8. Joshua 

9. Gideon 

10. Samson

11. Ruth

12. Samuel 

13. Saul 

14. David 

15. Solomon 

16. Elijah 

17. Elisha

18. Jonah

19. Daniel 

20. Esther 

21. Job 

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