Monday, June 6, 2016

THIS WEEK I'm teaching a class for those who've received training as a mentor or life coach, but need some help getting started as a mentor!

Click here to register for the class THIS THURSDAY, June 9 from 8-9:30 pm. For those who can't attend and still register, you'll receive a recording of the class.  

Have you received some training as a mentor or coach, but wish you had someone to hold your hand and walk you through the beginning steps? 

Although I felt called to do this, I felt scared to start mentoring others!

I had lots of unanswered questions and walls to overcome!

  • How to get started? 
  • What does a first appointment look like? And follow up appointments? 
  • What forms help a mentor keep things organized and streamlined? 
  • How do I know which techniques to use and which issues to address? 
  • What routines should I do before and after each appointment? 
  • What supplies should I bring, and which ones to share with the client? 
  • How can I set up simple accountability to help the client succeed? 
  • How can I share my vision of my client’s potential with him or her? 
  • How can I best work on my mind set as a mentor? 
  • What techniques can help attract new clients? 
  • How to integrate techniques from other trainings in emotional release or energy work?
As a former professional organizer, I've developed simple systems that streamline how I keep track of what I'm doing with each client, and help me know what techniques and issues to address at future appointments. 
I love the "law of the freeway," that there are always people ahead, behind, and beside us. It's great to keep learning from and sharing with each other along the path! 

The world needs quality mentors to help people reach the next level. You can do this, and I'm here to help you!



If you refer a friend who also signs up, you get a free copy of my charts and forms!

You'll be emailed a link to join the online class.

For those who want the training but can't attend that evening, you'll be mailed a recording of the class. 

About Becky

Becky’s mission is to inspire, empower, and free people to become and do what God sent them here to become and do. She helps people put their lives in order so they can live their higher purpose.

  • Mentor
  • Currently a coach for Kirk Duncan’s Elite Mentoring program 
  • Professional organizer for 23 years 
  • Speaker for 19 years, spoke at BYU Women’s Conference 
  • Emotional release and energy worker 20 years
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog
  • Teacher of LDS seminary and institute 
  • Taught “Wanna Get Organized” classes 6 years
  • Has overcome depression, memory issues, focus and attention issues 
  • Skilled in gluten-free and dairy-free eating
  • Created a system of 25 tools for scripture feasting, and 15 tools for power praying 
  • Happy, successful marriage for 25 years
  • Has overcome an eating disorder and body image issues
  • Mother of five, grandmother of two, homeschooler, missionary mom
  • Healthy and fit, has mentored people in simple systems for eating healthy 
  • Helped people through unanswered gospel questions and faith crises
  • Board member and social media expert for Moms’ Retreat
  • Created 90-Day Book of Mormon Challenge with Facebook group for more than 1,500 people

Click here to register for the class THIS THURSDAY, June 9 from 8-9:30 pm. For those who can't attend and still register, you'll receive a recording of the class.  

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