Saturday, September 3, 2016

Do you have habits that upgrade your positivity?

As a mom, can you relate with why I would get on Amazon, order extra ear buds, and label them with my name and the place they belong? 

I have teenagers. Need I say more? 

I've never owned five sets of earbuds before. Does that mean I'm obsessed??

Believe it or not, these earbuds of mine are an important part of my morning and evening routine. That's why I have five of them. 

I use them for things like listening to declarations and a story of how I'm creating my life to be, and to upbeat music. I listen to trainings and give coach calls. Sometimes I listen to my scriptures or a conference talk while getting ready. I even listen to a meditation CD while I fall asleep, and I sleep so deeply I don't care that I slept with a pair of earbuds hanging out on my pillow all night. 

Do you have habits you do each morning and evening to upgrade the positivity of your mindset, emotions, and mood? 

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Love from Erika said...

I pray, read Scriptures, and write a letter/journal to and from Heavenly Father. These things help me to put on my armor to go into battle for the day. I feel so at peace that I did those things. The things that help draw me closer to Heaven and the power that resides there. When I don't do these things, I often end up more frustrated and overwhelmed. Getting into alignment with Truth helps you recognize the feeling of untruths and increases your ability to reject it.