Monday, November 7, 2016

Why did my family start the Book of Mormon over today, and how we get more from it

My family started the Book of Mormon over today. In this video is why, and how we get more out of it.

Also, here is the quote I shared in the video: 

"Whatever level of spirituality we now enjoy in our lives; whatever degree of faith in Jesus Christ we now have; whatever strength of commitment and consecration, whatever degree of obedience or hope or charity is ours; whatever level of professional skill and ability we may have obtained, it will not be sufficient for the work that lies ahead.

"Brothers and sisters, you and I need to be much better than we are now. The scriptures teach us that the world is now and will be in commotion. Wickedness and darkness will increase. Yet in that darkening world there will be increased divine light. The Lord Jesus Christ has a great work for us to do with the rising generation. It is a greater work than we have ever done before. The Lord is working in power to strengthen teaching and learning in His true and living Church. He is hastening His work, and He is preparing the earth and His kingdom and us for His return."

-- Elder Kim B. Clark, "Encircled About with Fire," Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast, August 4, 2015 

Click here for more tools to help you get more from your scripture study! 


Anonymous said...

Great video and tips! I will implement some of these in our own family scripture study (which has been a bit inconsistent these days as well!) starting tonight!

Quick question - where did you get that beautiful journal?


Becky Edwards said...

Tracy, thank you! I got it from either Deseret Book or Seagull Book.