Monday, December 26, 2016

My name is Becky and I am a recovering anti-sleep-aholic.

I confess I never fully understood how BIG of a deal getting a full night's sleep is.

For like a billion reasons. Like being a productivity and focus ninja. I have lived a life of regularly getting too little sleep in order to get more done, and then catching up sleep on the weekends, but check this out!
"For every hour of sleep you miss out on, you lose at least two hours of productivity" (Chris Bailey, The Productivity Project, page 245).  
 Wait, what?? Yep, you heard it straight from one of today's productivity gurus.

For 2017 I am committed to better honoring my body's God-given need for a full night of quality sleep.
Here's a short video with 25 reasons. Maybe you'll join my bandwagon to become a sleep cheerleader too.


Love from Erika said...

I'm in. Maybe allowing yourself to get the the sleep you need is Faith promoting, showing that you believe that you will be blessed for taking good care of your body. Or on the flip slide, not allowing ourselves adequate rest to "get things done" may be a sign of lack of Faith that we have plenty of time. Hmmm...This is an interesting self reflection. Thanks for sharing Becky

Becky Edwards said...

Yes, I love those thoughts about sleep and faith. Great food for thought, Erika!