Monday, January 23, 2017

Becky's 2017 Class Bundle Special

2017 NEW YOU Class Bundle Special! 

Click the video below special on three upcoming classes! Special prices good only through Thursday, February 2nd. 

Each 4 or 5-week class has Life-changing Tools, Solutions, and Inspiration!

Each class is worth $297

Limited Time Special! 
One class for only $97
Two classes for only $180
Three classes for only $249

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Click here for details about the organizing class February 9 to March 9.

"This class has revolutionized my life! My home, my life, and my mind are WAY more organized and staying in order. I have been able to clean up, clear out, and keep it that way." -- Jana, Layton, Utah 

Click here for details about the food and mood class March 23 to April 13.
"I learned ways to work through food addiction, body image struggles, and how to change my mood and keep it balanced." -- Annie

Click here for details about the relationship class April 20 to May 11. 

Join the many others who are upgrading their lives while learning from Becky in a lively, fun, engaging atmosphere, either in person, online, or watching class recordings. 

Just in time for your hubby to gift them to you for Valentine's Day! 

This is the last time I'll be teaching these classes until fall. 

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About Becky

Becky’s mission is to inspire, empower, and free people to become and do what God sent them here to become and do. She helps people create order in various areas of their lives so they can achieve their goals and dreams and live their higher purpose.

  • Professional organizer for 24 years
  • Mentor and life coach
  • Currently a coach for Kirk Duncan’s Elite Mentoring program
  • Speaker for 20 years, spoke at BYU Women’s Conference
  • Emotional release and energy worker 20 years
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog with about 600,000 page views
  • Taught LDS seminary and institute
  • Taught “Wanna Get Organized” classes 6 years
  • Has overcome depression, memory issues, focus and attention issues
  • Skilled in gluten-free and dairy-free eating
  • Created a system of 25 tools for scripture feasting, and 15 tools for power praying
  • Happy, successful marriage for 25 years
  • Has overcome an eating disorder and body image issues
  • Mother of five, grandmother of three, homeschooler
  • Healthy and fit, has mentored people in simple systems for eating healthy
  • Helped people upgrade their mood, thinking, and energy by upgrading food habits 
  • Helped people through unanswered gospel questions and faith crises
  • Board member and social media expert for Moms’ Retreat
  • Created 90-Day Book of Mormon Challenge with Facebook group for more than 1,500 people

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