Sunday, February 19, 2017

A fun FHE game for flipping negative thoughts to positive!


We did a family activity of changing thoughts from positive to negative with a wooden sword and throw pillows! 

First we had each person write a list of some negative thoughts they've been having. Then a parent pretended to be the devil and said negative statements while throwing pillows. The sword holder hit the pillows away while yelling positive opposite statements.  

We loved it! 

It was way more fun than I expected! I felt awesome after my turn, and laughed a ton while being the pillow thrower. My oldest son really got into it by tying his tie around his head and using his belt to tie a pillow to a chair while he beat it up. Haha!

Experts say the majority of people's thoughts are negative. 

When a person is filled with negative thoughts it can cause depression and relationship issues. It can also limit a person's performance and potential, their belief in themselves, and ability to move forward, reach their goals, and have an impact in the world. Negative thoughts can come from the devil and his helpers, from our own previous experiences, or from things others have said to us in the past. Sometimes we make up negative stories about how others perceive us. Who knew that such a simple tool as this game can help us win the battle in our minds? 

Here are examples of statements you could flip from negative to positive: 

  • You can't get answers to prayers, so why try? ..... Yes I can get answers and I do all the time! 
  • You can't do well in school, so give up. ..... Yes I can do well in school, and I'm awesome at school!
  • You're too overwhelmed, just give up. ..... I have confidence and God is helping me! 

Try this fun game with your family and leave a comment below to let me know how it goes! 

Click here for an object lesson you can use to teach this same concept. Click here for a short video about it. 


Amie said...

We are SO doing this tonight!

Christine said...

Love this idea Becky! So true! Can't wait to do this with my family.