Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Join us for the Powered with Purpose Retreat!

March 16 - 18 
10 AM Thursday to 3 PM Saturday
At a Beautiful Mapleton Cabin, close to Provo, Utah! 

Enjoy a luxurious 18,000 square feet cabin getaway with other women choosing to live an inspired, purpose-driven life!

Hear from Our Amazing Presenters

  • Leslie Householder 
    • Three-time bestselling author including The Jackrabbit Factor, speaker, blogger, creator of "Genius Bootcamp"
    • "The Power of Thoughts and Words" Honoring the Struggle that’s part of Living your Purpose, and Accessing God’s Power for Overcoming Challenges and Fulfilling your Life's Mission

  • Charlotte Varble 
    • Massage and energy therapist, author, coach, creator of the "Clear, Connect, Create" program
    • "The Power of Connecting with Heaven" with Inspired Daily Action Steps to Help you Live your God-given Missions

  • Becky Edwards 
    • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog, presenter, mentor/life coach, coach for 3 Key Elements' Elite Mentor program
    • "The Power of Faith in the Impossible" with Tools for Overcoming Fear and Doubts 

  • Kendra Burton 
    • Gifted artist, television art instructor, temple mural painter  
    • "The Power of Being an Instrument of Influence" Healing through Art and Music. We will create an original oil painting together!  

The Inspiration Behind this Retreat 

The quote above speaks to my soul! I know many women who feel called to do something in these last days. We don't remember receiving assignments in the life before this, but we feel a longing, a leaning, an urging, a craving to do something we feel we are supposed to do. Can you relate? 

As a life coach and presenter, I love helping people become and do what God put them on earth to become and do. It lights me up inside! For many mothers, there are stages where our full attention is put on our deepest mission of family and home, which is the most important, eternal work we will ever do. There are other phases where many women feel called of God to do something else, yet they still want to be excellent mothers, because "No other success can compensate for failure in the home" (David O. McKay). This retreat is about helping us gain clarity and inspiration from God, gaining empowerment and tools to see our gifts, overcome obstacles, boost our faith, and live our God-given missions, no matter your stage of life!

Savor time to relax, connect, visit, learn, ponder, and journal. Nourish your body with health-boosting meals. Get rejuvenated and recharged to live a more inspired, purpose-driven life.

Come connect with amazing women on their path of living an inspired, purpose-driven life. 

Only $347 per Person

You can save $20 by sharing on Facebook through the registration page!
If you bring another person, email Becky to ask for a special discount!  


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Spaces are limited, so book your retreat today! 


Unknown said...

In what city and state will the retreat take place?

Becky Edwards said...

Oops, I forgot to include the state! Thanks for letting me know. It's in Mapleton, Utah, which is close to Provo, where Brigham Young University is.