Sunday, February 12, 2017

This brought scriptures to new life for me!

Do you want the scriptures to come to life for you?

In President Nelson's recent talk he invited the young adults of the Church to do a pretty amazing project. 

I took a part of that invitation. I started a couple days ago. 

Can I just say... WOW. 

Since I stopped teaching seminary last year, the scriptures haven't felt this alive to me, and I am loving this!

Here's what I did. Step One. 

I started reading and marking one word at a time in the Topical Guide or Index, under the heading, "Jesus Christ." He's got lots of subheadings. 

I started with the first label, "Jesus Christ, Advocate." First I marked the phrases that stood out to me. 

Step two. 

Then I journaled about what this title means to me. How is Christ my advocate? 

I started weeping. In the library study room where I happened to be studying my scriptures that day. Wow. I was bearing my testimony on paper about how much Christ loves me, what He did, and does, and will do for me.  

And suddenly I loved Him even more than I did before. 

The next day I repeated the process with the next word on the list, which was "Jesus Christ, Atonement." 

Weeping again. To bear my testimony on paper of what my life would be like without Christ's atonement was a sacred experience. 

I can hardly wait for my study today. 

To feel even closer to my Savior, to appreciate and know and love Him even more.  

Check out the blessings President Nelson promised for doing this study project. 

President Nelson promised: "If you proceed to learn all you can about Jesus Christ, I promise you that your love for Him, and for God’s laws, will grow beyond what you currently imagine. I promise you also that your ability to turn away from sin will increase. Your desire to keep the commandments will soar. You will find yourself better able to walk away from the entertainment and entanglements of those who mock the followers of Jesus Christ" (President Russell M. Nelson, "Prophets, Leadership, and Divine Law," An Evening with President Russell M. Nelson, Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults, January 8, 2017, Emphasis added). 

Click here for President Nelson's talk. 

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Megan said...

I loved Pres. Nelson's talk. I took his challenge to read through the Topical Guide about Christ. Although I haven't journaled about it, his counsel inspired me to reread 'Jesus the Christ' which has also been so good for me in getting to know more about my Savior.

Becky Edwards said...

How wonderful that you took President Nelson's challenge! You already read through the whole Topical Guide for Jesus Christ? That's amazing. And now that you're rereading Jesus the Christ, that's icing on the cake! What has the experience done for you so far?

Julie said...

I was so inspired by his talk I made his document summarizing every single scripture in the topical guide under his name and the 57 subtitles. Maybe you'll find it useful

Jeanine said...

This is a great idea. I have been doing this reading and studying all the scriptures about Jesus Christ for over a year now. It is beautiful! I love it like nothing else. It makes a day, and a week, and a year, all that much better. It helps us to understand that He truly does live. He lives! And He loves us all. That LOVE comes to life! This plan for reading the scriptures has blessed my life. It has changed my life. It brings Him closer. Isn't that what we all really desire? Thank you Becky Mike Edwards. I love your testimony and the strength you share. Thank you!