Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pics and Takeaways from our Retreat!

Wow, wow, wow. I just experienced one of the most AMAZING weekends of my life. The Powered with Purpose Retreat was powerful.

The feeling was electric. The women were powerful, beautiful, loving, Christlike souls. The presenters, activities, journaling, and discussions were inspired and inspiring. The healthy food was spectacular. Filled with epiphanies, answers to prayer, connections, healing, transformation, and gaining the clarity and power to take the next steps in fulfilling our God-given missions. 

The Presenters 

This is so cool -- five of our presenters were last minute additions! My husband Mike, Kendra's husband David, my daughter Grace with her friend Jacob Hansen, and Kim Davis were all last minute presenters that we added, and wow, am I glad we did! 

My first presentation was about how God can make impossible things possible for us, and how making our own remember list boosts our faith that because God helped before, He will help us now. 

Here is the beginning of our remember list of people in the scriptures and in history whom God made impossible things possible for. Next we had the women add to their remember list experiences from their own family history, their family, and themselves where God had made impossible things possible. 

Kendra Burton taught us about the healing power of art, music, the Atonement of Christ, and how we can all be instruments in the hands of God to bless His children. This beautiful woman who is filled with sweetness and light is a beautiful example of challenges sanctifying, refining, and purifying a person. 

We spontaneously invited Kendra's dear husband David to share his thoughts about how we chose into our challenges in the pre-earth life, that those can be part of our life mission like it was for the blind man in the New Testament whose mission was to show Christ's power, and that our Patriarchal blessings aren't just a forecast; they're a remembering of what we agreed to before. 

Grace Edwards and Jacob Hansen taught how teens can rise above the stereotype of lazy and entitled to living their purpose, reaching their big dreams, and changing the world. They let the women know of their youth mentoring organization called Lionheart Mentoring that believes in three principles: 1) You have a purpose, 2) No matter your circumstances, you can choose to be free, 3) You have a divine identity and it's time for you to rise to the hero you were born to be.  
My husband Mike wasn't planning on coming until the second evening, but surprised me by stopping by for a while the first evening. He also brought dark chocolate to share with the women! I asked him to share his perspective on living our purpose He said it comes down to taking small actions, one at a time, as God guides your path. I shared with the audience how deeply grateful I am for this man who has believed in me more than I've believed in myself countless times in my journey of living my life missions. 

My second day presentation was on overcoming the walls of negative thoughts that so often keep us from reaching our goals and dreams and living our missions. We learned a simple and powerful tool to overcome those negative thoughts, and three different ways to use the tool -- with paper, with your voice in the moment ("That was so two seconds ago!"), and a game with a sword and pillows!
Leslie Householder taught us about the power of our thoughts and words, and how to develop the rare kind of faith that she named her blog after. It's based on Boyd K. Packer's quote: “There is another kind of faith, rare indeed. This is the kind of faith that causes things to happen. It is the kind of faith that is worthy and prepared and unyielding, and it calls forth things that otherwise would not be. It is the kind of faith that moves people. It is the kind of faith that sometimes moves things. … It comes by gradual growth. It is a marvelous, even a transcendent, power, a power as real and as invisible as electricity. Directed and channeled, it has great effect.”. (“What Is Faith?” in Faith [1983], 42–43) Leslie shared this journal idea of writing your prayer requests to God on the left page and then filling in the ways God supplied those blessings on the right side, dating each entry. We learned many ways of documenting God's hand and communication in our lives this weekend! 

Leslie shared a cool science experiment where plants who received love or hate responded differently to trauma. A great visual of the power of our words.

Charlotte Varble taught us the power of connecting with heaven and being tutored in how to better hear the voice of the Lord. She taught about forgiveness and a simple system of taking inspired daily action steps, making\imperfect action every day. 

Kim Davis was another speaker who was added at the last minute. Our Saturday morning presenter had to cancel last minute, and I had a feeling someone at the retreat was supposed to take some of that time to present but I didn't know who it was. Kim came to me that morning saying she felt inspired to share her presentation of Eternal Warriors' principles of overcoming the "Satanic spin" and "chemical scale." She taught us that the real battle is to keep the Spirit, and when we have the Spirit we can win all our battles! 

My last day presentation was leading a brainstorm of the women's gold nugget takeaways from the retreat. 

Here is most of our list of gold nugget takeaways from the retreat. 

The Activities 

Group Painting with Kendra

The finished painting turned out better than I expected! 

Here is a video I did the next day of a handful of lessons I learned from this beautiful group painting experience. 

Yoga with Amanda 

Amanda also taught us the power of declarations and essential oils to improve our energy.

Declarations with Power Pose, and Sword Pillow Fight Game with Becky 

I blogged about the sword pillow fighting game to overcome negative thoughts here.  It makes a great FHE activity! And I blogged about the mentoring technique we used here. 

A team of angels surrounding someone in a moment of need is a beautiful and sacred sight to behold. 

This was one of the most beautiful moments for me. I love you, Debbie!

Group celebration for a breakthrough we all got to participate in. Sweet. 

Dream Envisioning with Leslie 

It cracked me up how the little kid in many of us got giddy when Leslie told us we could keep the brand new packs of markers! Hehe...

Visualization of Healing Relationship and Communicating with your Body with Becky 

Quote Journaling and Partner Sharing with Becky 

Gold Nugget Power Statement with Becky 

Prize Drawings 

The Amazing Food with Janet, Lana and Becky Wilson

Yay! We got some new converts to green smoothies, and the fact that eating healthy can be beautiful and delicious! There is no question that the clean, high frequency food added to the ability of the women to receive inspiration at the retreat. 

Thanks to our AMAZING women in charge of the healthy food: Lana, Becky, and Janet. 
Janet took charge of the food, and we gushed with gratitude for how amazing it was!

The healthy almond joy bars on the right were raved over! They are an adapted recipe originally from Green Smoothie Girl. The recipe is here on my blog. 

Just look at the colors of these gorgeous, healthy foods!

Eating outside in the gorgeous spring sunshine was a treat!

The Three Precious Babies 

This is my granddaughter Claire. I think she's quite adorable. So does my husband Mike. 

The Beautiful Women 

The Cabin 

We were all impressed with this 18,000 square foot beauty with everything you can imagine, including an indoor pool and hot tub! Here is a link to more pics of the cabin as well as rental info for those interested. 

My Family 

I loved having my family visit in and out of the retreat! 

The Before and After 

Two days before the retreat I spent the afternoon on the temple grounds receiving and writing down inspiration for my presentations at the retreat. I blogged about that sacred experience here. 

When I got home and read through the testimonials I sat there and wept from gratitude at how many prayers were answered, guidance and direction received, connections made, healing and wholeness felt, and people receiving just what they needed.

It was a joy and honor to create this retreat for these beautiful women, many of which I had never met before, and feel that it was more like a reunion. I love each of them! 

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Tracy Christensen said...

This was such an amazing experience. I am so gratful that you were inspired to host! You are an amazing woman and I am gratful for the experience and the wonderful women I was able to meet! I hope you know the strenght you are! Thanks for being you!