Monday, March 13, 2017

Who wants to take a seven day 10/10/1/1 prayer challenge?

Last night an inspiration came to take a prayer challenge myself, and offer it to others! 

For seven days offer a prayer where you:

1) First thank Heavenly Father for ten different things. Gratitude has such delicious power to connect us with God and help us see the good we couldn't see and attract more good. 

2) Then ask for ten different things. How many times have you seen "ask" in the scriptures? Tons! God never told us, "Be sure you only ask for these three things." He said to ask for all kinds of things! Of course when you ask, it's always good to follow the Savior's pattern of saying, "Thy will be done," or "If this by Thy will." 

3) Ask one question, pause and quiet your mind, and write down any ideas or answers that come to mind. 

4) Then ask one more question: "Is there anything else Thou wants to tell me, wants me to ask for, repent or forgive for, or a person to pray for?"

If you want to take the prayer challenge to the next level, write them in your journal. 

Something about writing focuses the mind and anchors concepts deeper into our souls than just thinking or speaking them. And besides, wouldn't this make a precious seven-day journal entry to look back on? 

Wow, I just used this pattern in my own prayer journal this morning, and it was beautiful and delicious. When I asked the last question, the Spirit let me know that two different conversations I had yesterday were purposely meant to prepare me for something that's going to happen today. How cool is that? 

Here's what your journal headings may look like: 
  1. 10 Thanks
  2. 10 Asking 
  3. 1 Question
  4. 1 Anything else?

I'm excited to upgrade my prayers this way for the next seven days. How about you?  

Here are a few other questions you could add if you like. 

  • Heavenly Father, how does Thou feel about me? 
  • What are good things about me, my strengths, or my accomplishments that I may not notice ? 
  • What do you want me to work on?
  • What do you want me to know?
  • What do you want me to feel? 
  • Thanks to Ruth Haycock for suggesting these additional questions. 

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Rozy Lass said...

Wonderful idea and challenge. I'm in! I already use a prayer journal so I can add this format to it and get going. Thanks for sharing.

Jaelle Kaylor said...

I can't wait to get started ! Sharing this is my fb group lds parenting !

Becky Edwards said...

Rozy and Jaelle,

Wonderful! I'm happy to have you join the challenge! I'd love to hear how it goes for you!


Susan said...

Becky, I admire and appreciate you so much. You are a blessing in my life. I would love to do this.

M Scott said...

Becky, what a great idea! At first I thought, ask for TEN things? That's kind of a lot. I'm sure my awareness of my needs or the needs of others will become apparent. :) Thank you!

Kinetic Lifestyle said...

I would love to join you in this! This looks like a well thought out challenge!

scrapoholic said...

Yes this is just what I need.

Amy and Brent and our lives said...

I'm excited to do this. THANK YOU!!!!