Monday, May 1, 2017

Announcing our summer retreat with AMAZING guest speakers!

"This life changing retreat has been so amazing for me. I feel so empowered and full of positive energy. To be reminded of my mission is gold to me." 
- Dennissa R. 

June 8-10 
10 AM Thursday to 3 PM Saturday
At a Beautiful Mapleton Cabin,
close to Provo, Utah! 

"This retreat felt like a weekend visit back to heaven for a tune up! I met a roomful of amazing women who inspired me and encircled me in love. Becky, you are the world's greatest cheerleader! So real, so loving, so powerful! Thanks for helping us remember who we are and the important work we have to do to spread the light!"
- Lorraine S. 

Enjoy a luxurious 18,000 square feet cabin getaway with other women choosing to live an inspired, purpose-driven life!

Hear from Our Amazing Presenters

  • Meg Johnson
    • Motivational speaker, author, teacher, blogger, nonprofit founder, blogger at Meg Johnson Speaks
    • "The Power of Looking Up" 

  • Becky Edwards
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog, presenter, mentor/life coach, coach for 3 Key Elements' Elite Mentor program
  • "The Power of Faith in the Impossible" with Tools for Overcoming Fear and Doubts 

    • Susan Chapman
      • Blogger at Stripling Warrior Mom, wellness and fitness expert, author 
      • "The Power of Honoring Your Spirit and Body to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose"  

    • Katie Garner
      • Artist specializing in portraits, murals, and temple murals
      • "The Power of Creation" 
      • At the retreat we will create an original piece of art! 

    • Kim Davis 
      • Eternal Warriors addiction prevention mentor and family coach, professional storyteller 
      • "Claiming Your Power"  

    "The retreat was just what I needed, packed with inspiration but not rushed. To sum it up, this retreat helped me accomplish an important mission!"  
    - K'Lyn T. 

    The Inspiration Behind this Retreat 

    The quote above speaks to my soul! I know many women who feel called to do something in these last days. We don't remember receiving assignments in the life before this, but we feel a longing, a leaning, an urging, a craving to do something we feel we are supposed to do. Can you relate? 

    As a life coach and presenter, I love helping people become and do what God put them on earth to become and do. It lights me up inside! For many mothers, there are stages where our full attention is put on our deepest mission of family and home, which is the most important, eternal work we will ever do. There are other phases where many women feel called of God to do something else, yet they still want to be excellent mothers, because "No other success can compensate for failure in the home" (David O. McKay). This retreat is about helping us gain clarity and inspiration from God, gaining empowerment and tools to see our gifts, overcome obstacles, boost our faith, and live our God-given missions, whatever your stage of life!

    Savor time to relax, connect, visit, learn, ponder, and journal. Nourish your body with health-boosting meals. Get rejuvenated and recharged to live a more inspired, purpose-driven life. 

    If you're interested in helping with food for a discount, email 

    Click here for more details about the retreat.

    More Testimonials 

    "This has been an amazing retreat. I have learned so much, felt so much, and met a group of truly phenomenal women who are family. The presenters made me think, answered questions I came with, and provided next steps. I am definitely planning on coming next time." 

    - Karlin C. 

    "I have the the resources I need to accomplish my goals now. I received answers to prayers and such an outpouring of divine love and guidance. Thank you for this life-altering weekend!"
    - Brittani N. 

    "The retreat was so full of love and wisdom and messages I so desperately needed but didn't even know it. I am so, so grateful and my life will forever be changed for good and my family will be blessed!" 

    - JaNiel P. 

    "Wow, just wow. This retreat was truly inspired. My heart and soul needed this and I knew the very second I saw you post this. What an honor and incredible experience to be immersed into a crowd of such strong, beautiful, intuitive, and loving women." 
    - Amanda A. 

     "The Retreat was AMAZING! I received everything I needed and more! We have been enlightened, inspired, and moved to action. Becky, thank you for creating an environment of acceptance, love, protection, and growth. We have been fed in every possible way. We are going home with increased light and power. Thank you! Thank you! I have been forever changed!" 

    - Kim D. 

    Click here for more details about the retreat.

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