Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Four of Satan's Tactics and How to Fight Back

If you want to win the war, you've got to know your enemy's tactics. 

Because his wicked enemy kept upgrading his war tactics, Captain Moroni kept upgrading his defenses. He sent spies out regularly to see what the enemy was doing. We can learn a lot from Captain Moroni.

Although I used to feel bored reading the war chapters (see around Alma 43-60) now that I see them as a symbol of our war today between Satan and God, I get excited to read those chapters! I even used two colored pens to mark the tactics of both sides of the war.

These are some of the markings in the war chapters of Alma. 

Here are three examples from the scriptures of God's light overcoming Satan's darkness.
1. Satan tried to stop Joseph Smith right before he was about to do something great for God's kingdom. It wasn't until Joseph called upon God that Satan left (See Joseph Smith History 1:15).
2. Moses was visited by Jehovah and then by Satan, and kept telling Satan to go away, but he wouldn't leave. It wasn't until Moses used the name of the Only Begotten that Satan finally left (See Moses chapter 1).
3. In this month's Ensign, Elder Larry Lawrence shares how in the New Testament Christ cast out Satan and then quoted scripture.
In all three instances, God's light pushed away darkness.

Elder Lawrence shares four of Satan's tactics and how we can fight back:
  1. Temptation
  2. Lies and deception
  3. Contention
  4. Discouragement
I like this quote about the power of casting out Satan with the word of God.

"You have the right to tell Satan to leave when you are confronted with temptation. ... Scriptural verses can become an arsenal of spiritual ammunition. When you are tempted, you can recite commandments. ... Scripture power not only intimidates Satan, but it also brings the Spirit into your hear, reassures you, and fortifies you against temptation."

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