Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gold Nugget Wisdom from John and Michelle Schmidt's Fireside Tonight (of Piano Guys)

Here are my favorite gold nuggets from Jon Schmidt, the pianist in The Piano Guys and his wife, Michelle.

The Jon and Michelle Schmidt family. Jon and Michelle spoke at our stake fireside tonight and brought several of their teens with them. What a delightful family. 

Jon said he had no idea as a teenager that Heavenly Father wanted to be his Personal Assistant. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have our city mayor as your personal assistant? Or the state governor? Or the president of the United States? The Governor of the universe wants to be your Personal Assistant! We live far beneath our privileges. It is our privilege to have Heavenly Father as our Personal Assistant.

In Alma 37 Heavenly Father said to cry unto God for all our support. What kind of support do you need? Jon mentioned teens may need support for things like football, dance, a test, or even a friend texting difficulty.

Michelle shared that as she was first reporting to the police station that their young adult daughter was missing, the officer was questioning if she was on drugs, if she had fought with the parents, and so on. Then over the phone, Jon suggested Michelle ask the officer to pray with her. That seemed awkward but he agreed. She prayed that the officer would be able to help them find their daughter and it softened his heart, and changed the energy of their whole conversation and how helpful he was to them. Crying unto God for all our support really makes a difference! 

Write a prayer list. 

Jon shared a story packed with miracles about the filming of the music video below, a mix of Amazing Grace and Fight Song. Jon said he could go on for hours about miracles that have happened from Piano Guys' prayer lists. 

Their prayer list for filming this music video included three things they had no idea how to find in almost no time on a tight schedule in Scotland: 
    • A forest with the trees just the right distance apart to let the sun shine through just right
    • A cool Scottish pipe band
    • A location with spectacular scenery (besides the one castle scene they already had)
They had two days to film: Monday and Tuesday. By Saturday night they hadn't found any of their three prayer list items, so they were tempted to only attend sacrament meeting the next day, and skip the rest of church, so they could keep looking for locations. It felt like an emergency. Yet the Spirit told them to attend all three church meetings and God would take care of their prayer list. 

A woman they met at church said she had connections with a great pipe band and could have them at the scene the next morning. The piano mover knew of a forest just like they needed. and the most spectacular scenic location in Scotland. 

If we are willing to show up for God, He will show up for us. 

Although it's understandable that The Piano Guys were tempted to miss some of church to keep looking, they realized that if they were asking God to show up for them, they needed to show up for God. They obeyed what He had asked, and the miracles flowed. 

Oh yeah, the weather was another miracle. The first day had patches of time where the rain stopped so they could film, and the second day was a gorgeous sunny day. The locals said that was amazing, because usually in October it usually rains sideways. 

God is a God of miracles, that's for sure. 

Click to watch the music video Jon shared these miracles about. Watching it after hearing the miracle stories made it come to life so much more. Now it's my favorite song of theirs! 

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