Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sheri Dew on LDS Women and Priesthood, and How to Deal with Unanswered Questions

Today in a lesson about God's priesthood power I showed the first video below. 

As a teen I struggled with wondering why men are ordained to the priesthood and not women. Not any more.

Here are five resources I recommend to boost your testimony that God loves all His sons AND daughters, and ways to deal with unanswered gospel questions without losing your testimony.

1. In this 8-minute video clip, Sheri Dew shares a handful of truths about God's power, men and women, and how to live by faith even if you don't know all the answers. My appreciation grew even more for being a woman in this church and having access to God's power and revelation. Excellent. I wish the transcript were available -- so many quotables!

2. Click here for my thoughts about LDS women and the priesthood. 

This post includes my favorite object lesson that shows how having questions is fine, but how how we handle our unanswered gospel questions determines which direction our faith will go. 

3. Click here about how to deal with unanswered questions like why all races haven't always held the priesthood. 

This post includes a video from Elder and Sister Bednar about how to deal with doubts. Also a video of Ahmad Corbitt explaining how the LDS Church is one of the most racially unifying organizations in the history of the world.  

4. Click here to watch a beautiful talk about women and the priesthood by David Clare from BYU Women's Conference 2014. 

He explains how faith, power, and priesthood are interconnected, and apply to both men and women. 

5. Below is a presentation by Sheri Dew gave at Ponoma College about women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

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