Thursday, April 13, 2017

Who wants to study my 12 favorite talks in 12 weeks?

I am giddy with excitement! 

These 12 talks are from various places like conference, worldwide devotionals, and BYU devotionals. These 12 favorite powerhouse talks boost our faith that with God we can do impossible things. They emphasize the supreme importance of putting God and family first. They help us be excited about living in the last days, where we get to live our life missions to help the world get ready for the Second Coming! As a blogger, former LDS seminary and institute teacher and now a life coach, I'm all about helping people overcome obstacles and access God's power to reach their goals and live their life missions, and I've gathered some powerhouse talks over the years that are begging to be shared and change some lives!

Click here to join the Facebook group where you'll get a power packed talk each week for the next 12 weeks. 

Here is how it works for the next twelve weeks.

1. On Mondays I'll post this week's talk. I'll give a printable version that you can mark up with numbered paragraphs so you can easily reference them like, "Paragraph 16 was my favorite because..." I'll also include a link to watch the talk.

2. All week long until the following Monday please feel free to post your favorite takeaways from the talk. Ideas of ways to post:

  • Type a post with your favorite takeaways from the talk. 
  • Post a picture of your favorite paragraphs all marked up and notes in the margins.
  • Post a video of you sharing how much the talk meant to you and what you plan to do about it. 
  • Find or create a quote meme of a favorite quote from the talk.
  • Post a goal you set from something you learned in the talk. 
  • Share other scripture stories or talks or quotes that the talk reminded you of. Making connections like that is awesome! 
  • If you use the talk in an FHE lesson, please post your ideas and how your family responded.
  • Comment on others' posts.
  • If you're a blogger, you can blog about the talk and post your blog post here. 
  • No obligation to post in the Facebook group, just if you desire.

3. On the following Monday I'll do a Facebook Live video sharing my favorite takeaways, and announcing the next talk.

4. Some have expressed interest in a live study group. If you'd like to do that, feel free to post your desire here and others can join your group. With several hundred people, it's too big for me to facilitate a live study group online or on a conference call, but you're more than welcome to form your own smaller weekly study groups!

5. Please use this opportunity to spread goodness using the internet, as Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard have counseled. Feel free to share this group on your own Facebook page and invite others to join. Also each week I invite you to post your favorite takeaways from that talk on your own Facebook page. Just think, with hundreds (or thousands) of people studying and sharing powerhouse truth and light online, what good that will do!

Click here to join the Facebook group! 

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