Sunday, April 30, 2017

Your mess turning into beauty, your past is not your present

Yesterday I cried after my last session with a several-month personal mentoring client.
I cried because I love and adore every client and feel sad when it is time to move on. Cried for gratitude at how much I LOVE being a mentor and the opportunity to help someone on her path of transformation and see how far she has come.
And this picture came to mind.
This is a form of art called "kintsugi,"which is repairing broken ceramic with gold. One of my favorite concepts I've learned as a mentor is to honor the struggle, that our mess can become our message. That it is absolutely part of God's plan for us to have messes in our lives, failures, mistakes, and weaknesses. And yet with Christ's Atonement, we can become more beautiful than we were before. When I think of some of the hardest trials in my life, they have been a big part of what shaped me and my life mission and how I can now help others.
Honor your struggles, and turn to the Master Kintsugi Artist, who can make beauty out of any mess.

If you're fascinated like I am by this concept of repairing broken ceramic with gold, Click here for the website these pics came from and you can see more pics of this amazing art form.
Here is another powerful concept I taught yesterday to a different group.

How cool is it to know that your past does NOT have to equal your present or your future?? We can upgrade any area of our life at any moment, and it's up to us to choose that higher path, rather than the old negative defaults of the past. Christ is more powerful than our past, and when we plug into Christ's power, we can upgrade to a new normal.

Something that helps us step up to a higher path is to say something like, this, "I forgive myself for not being perfect. I did the best I could with what I knew and what I had. When I know better I can do better. And I'm always excited for upgrades!" 
What upgrade are you excited for in your life? How are you going to be better and more beautiful than before?

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