Sunday, May 14, 2017

Celebrating Mother's Day with Recent Family Pics

I'm a photo girl. Everyone who knows me well knows I love taking pictures. I spent some time on Mother's Day enjoying recent family pics and gathering them into a blog post that celebrates family. Since our eldest child, Malia, is going through a divorce, she and her girls moved in a couple months ago, and these pics are from the last couple months.

I told Mike he gets Grandpa of the Year award for this! He babysat the three grand daughters so we could attend the temple, and walked them several blocks for an errand at Wal-mart. At the temple I kept finding myself smiling thinking of this adorable scene. 

Watching my teenage boys love their cute nieces melts my heart! 

Malia and the girlies

Gabe's 15th birthday

Hyrum's 15th birthday. Many people don't believe they're twins because they look so different!

Acting out singing "Once There Was a Snowman." 

Quick road trip to see Adam perform in BYU-Idaho Chamber Choir
Watching General Conference

General Conference 

Family devotional!

Grandma cooking lessons! 

Family dinner!

Family dishes dance party!

Watching Adam sing at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square 

Singing Happy Birthday to Zia on her fourth birthday
Gabe is a fun ballroom dancer! 

My parents took the girls to their ward fund raiser carnival for face painting and games
Picnic lunch in the backyard

Dropping off Gabe at Elevation, a leadership camp in Southern Utah 
Grace's 18th birthday party at our favorite Chines restaurant, The Mandarin in Bountiful, Utah 

Malia and I attended a Simply Divine Eating retreat at Bear Lake 

Malia giving me a back rub at the retreat.

This little cutie pie was a heart melter at the retreat. I love that she has smiley eyes when she smiles like her grandma! 
Me with the grand daughters before speaking at a young adult fireside in Provo

Malia and the girlies 

Malia teaching the girls to make probiotic water kefir

Grace presented at a Female Entrepreneur Conference at Thanksgiving Point the day before her 18th birthday!

Grace takes a selfie with little Claire every morning! She has lived with us from being two months old and is now four months old, so it's fun that she has a daily log of her growth. 

Mike and Grace both gave short presentations at my first Powered with Purpose retreat in Utah County. 

Baby Claire on Mother's Day 
Papa on Mother's Day

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