Monday, May 15, 2017

Mormon Ad Contest Entries and Winner! "Before tech...connect!"

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Here are the entries, and the winner is announced at the end. It was hard to choose! 

Tammy Zufelt- Thomas

These pictures I took at the Salt Lake Temple and Visitors Center make me feel so connect to Christ, and remember covenants, unconditional Love and acceptance, they tell me I am enough right where I am, and that I can continue to come to him and grow in Christ....(the picture of praying/scriptures is from the internet). When I saw you doing this, It prompted me to find this photo on my computer again and I felt so much hope when I did, it was something I REALLY needed this week, so thank you for the push! This isn't really Mormon ad(ish) but it was a nice reminder to me anyway. Can't wait to see what others do, and see who wins your lovely gift!
Oléa Gough

Becky Edwards, I love your slogan about connecting with God before anything else! As I thought about what spending time in my scriptures does for me more than any social media or technology can do I just kept thinking how as I read and pray and spend time with Him it's like getting a heavenly hug. My scriptures are like love letters to me. They are a way I can connect with Him and open up a conduit for Him to connect with me. Suddenly I remembered this picture that someone posted last week (sorry, I can't remember who it was) but I think it is the PERFECT image to go with your slogan! I'm so grateful to the woman who shared it because it has lingered in my mind since the time I saw it.

Suqi Zheng

This was when my son almost one year old.He is such a laughing and happy boy.I think life should be like that, always feel happy and smile even life is full of all the challenges.

Susan Chamberlain 

Cloe Jones

Jasmine Turner

I chose two winners...

Oléa Gough

and Jasmine Turner

Congratulations Olea and Jasmine! You'll each be receiving an oil lamp from Jerusalem!

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