Monday, May 22, 2017

Scholarship Giveaway for Powered with Purpose Retreat!

Who wants to win a scholarship to our Summer Powered with Purpose Retreat? 

To enter, simply go to my Facebook page and find the scholarship post, make a comment below it of why you'd like to come to the retreat, and tag five friends who might be interested in the retreat too. Winners for a 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day scholarship will be announced on Thursday, May 25th.  

Click here for details about the retreat. 

And here's a video of my "why" for creating this retreat. 

1 comment:

mother79 said...

I am not on Facebook and I am hoping that maybe by making contact this way, I would be considered eligible for receiving your scholarship giveaway for powered with purpose retreat. I am 59 years old. My first church calling was age 11, as the Primary pianist and choir pianist when I was 16. I have served faithfully all my life in just about every calling you can have opportunity to serve in. Now in my life, I go to my Bishop and volunteer for the 'hard' callings where I see he needs help, lets say...cub scouts! I have raised 7 children, my children are a year apart and have 13 grandchildren. Life is full of happiness and challenges, as all families are. I feel I need a recharge. The scriptures and prayer are my best friends. I would love to be around similiarly minded women, with goals like mine and leave the world behind for 3 days and feel that inspiration. This is probably a public forum, so I don't want to share too much personal, but know I have followed you for quite sometime. Shared your site with my family and friends over the years and love your thoughts on spiritual topics. P.S. I love organization too!